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May 2018

In this issue, Sean Cridland takes us through a key moment in legendary racer Hurley Haywood’s life and career in “Mastery & Misery.” In “Clockwork Orange” by Dave Mathews, learn the story of a European 1968 911S barn find in Texas that has since been restored to what some may call perfection. As part of this year’s Battle of the Builds, Doug Neilson explores a wild track day Boxster project that sports a built 997.1 GT3 RS engine, in “Monster Boxster.” Randy Wells interviews Kevin Jeannette of Gunnar Porsche Racing on what it was like to own 911R #15, in “A Car Tale.” Rob Sass visits the largest indoor car show in Essen, Germany, in “Techno Classica.” If you’ve wondered about the best way to set the timing belt tension on a 944 in your own garage, look no further than “Tensions Run High” by Tom M’Guinness.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

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Mastery & Misery
The injury that nearly killed Hurley Haywood's career
When fate came calling for America's most successful endurance racer.
Clockwork Orange
The perfect 911S long-hood
Patience and perseverance pay off as a neglected 911S is transformed into a concours winner.
Monster Boxster
An SCCA-legal experiment
How a stock 2000 Boxster S became a track-day weapon — with the help of a GT3 RS engine.
A Car Tale
It's now worth seven figures, but in 1980 it sold for $9,500
Kevin Jeannette's golden memories of owning 911R #15.
Automotive Valhalla in Essen, Germany
No need to wait for the afterlife to visit this Porsche paradise.
Tensions Run High
The right tool(s) for the job
Do you feel lucky? Be sure you're using the right tool when changing the timing belt on your 944.