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May 2020

Porsche owners are a passionate lot who know what they want. Not prepared to wait for the RS 2.7 in 1972, a German entrepreneur ordered a custom 1972 911S 2.6, the only one of its kind, proving that sometimes “Impatience is a Virtue.” The Porsche Classic Center in Oslo, Norway also caters to those who know what they want with a very special retro-build called the Sooner that we got to drive in "The Sooner the Better." Engineer Jim Earlbeck so appreciates the focused purpose of his 987 Porsche Boxster Spyder, it’s almost as if they are “Soul Mates.” Bob and Cam Ingram are mainstays on the concours circuit, but tragedy struck when an explosion destroyed many of their classic cars. Undeterred, they raced to restore a 1961 Carrera Abarth GTL (watch the Road Scholars video here), because “Pebble Can’t Wait.” One of the bright spots on the annual calendar is Werks Reunion, and we went “Back to Werks” for the 10th anniversary, and a celebration of the 914.

All that plus more intrigue in “The Spy Collector”, and a remembrance of Sir Stirling Moss.

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The Sooner the Better
Battle of the Builds
A retro-build from an unlikely location — the Porsche Classic Center in Norway
Back at Werks
Amelia Island and the 10th Werks Reunion
PCA Celebrated the 914's 50th anniversary while 356s were out in force in Florida.
Soul Mates
987 Boxster Spyder
The concept of a modern-day Porsche on a diet resonated with this PCA member.
Impatience is a Virtue
A one-off 1972 911S 2.6
When he couldn't wait for the Carrera RS, one Porsche customer ordered this very special 911.
Pebble Can't Wait
Q&A with Bob and Cam Ingram
The father/son duo talk about the fire that devastated their collection, and their 2019 concours winner.
The Spy Collector
Chapter Seven
Our serialized graphic novel continues...