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November 2015

In this issue, Preston Lerner reports on the spectacle that was Rennsport Reunion V, a Porsche gathering at Laguna Seca raceway that attracted more than 57,000 spectators in “RRV.” Porsche stuffed a flat-8 race engine into two 914 prototypes in 1969, and one of them became “Piëch’s Plaything,” as you’ll find out in Tom Cotter’s story. To say Rick Bye has faced adversity would be an understatement, yet the Canadian Porsche racing star profiled in Lorraine Sommerfeld’s “Survivor” has never stopped trying to make the dreams of those less fortunate than him come true. The term “sleeper” when applied to a motor vehicle usually means: looks slow, goes fast. It’s a tough argument to apply the term to a 911 unless it looks fast, goes much faster — criteria met by the 1985 911 Carrera in “Seely’s Sleeper,” by Tom M’Guinness. Alex and Gale Galloway’s pristine Panamera 4S in Ada Lee Halofsky’s “Connecting Roads” has been a familiar sight at Porsche Parade autocrosses and won a Parade concours, but also a source of healing for their family.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

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Rennsport Reunion V: A celebration of speed
Porsche revels in its racing history at Laguna Seca — with 58,000 of its closest friends.
Piëch's Plaything
914 plus 908 equals 914/8
The factory made two eight-cylinder 914s. This one, built for Ferdinand Piëch, was the hotter one.
Rick Bye
This Canadian Porsche racing star has been down and out, but one thing is certain: He's a fighter.
Seely Sleeper (a.k.a. Project Nasty)
A 1985 911 that's far faster than it looks
Although it appears to be largely stock, this narrow red Carrera is full of go-fast bits and tricks.
Connecting Road
The world's cleanest Panamera?
Alex and Gale Galloway's Panamera 4S is a concours winner — and an unlikely autocrosser.
What Is Steering Feel?
A technical exploration
Why Porsche's sports cars steer as deliciously as they do — and why electric assist is no dead end.