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November 2019

Car lovers have always worshiped at the altar of internal combustion, but as the winds shift toward hybridization and electric power, our favorite automaker is proudly showing the way. Leading the charge is Porsche’s all-electric sport sedan, the 2020 Taycan. Check out our first drive. We also delve into the technology behind the Taycan in an-depth look, “Breaking New Ground.” Csaba Csere makes educated guesses about Porsche’s future EV and hybrid offerings in “The Future Is Electric.” We also take a look at Porsche’s efforts in the "Eclectic and Electric" Formula E race series, and we learn about the challenges faced by Chris Lennon when he converted his hill-climb car to full electric for a "Peak Run" charge up Pikes Peak. For those not ready to switch completely to electric, we drive the Panamara Turbo S E-Hybrid and the Cayenne E-Hybrid.

All that and the latest news, race information, and reports from our regions.

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Brave New World
2020 Taycan
First drive of Porsche's first electric sport sedan.
Breaking New Ground
A zero-emissions tech fest
A look at the technologies behind the groundbreaking Taycan EV.
Eclectic and Electrified
Formula E
The future of racing may sound quiet, but it's loud in action.
Peak Run
A grassroots electric charge up the mountain
Chris Lennon's 912-based RSR tribute gets an EV conversion.
Quick and Easy
Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid
A car that straddles Porsche's past and future.
Dual Personality
Cayenne E-Hybrid
A performance car in SUV clothing.