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October 2014

In this issue, Michael Harley brings you a first look at the new Andial limited-run 911 GT3 Cups and a detailed account of how they feel on the track. In 917-028, Bill Oursler tells the story of one of the first two 917 Spyders, a race car that despite its disappointing first season went on to enjoy one of the longest racing careers of any 917. Prescott Kelly takes us through the history of the Type 930, and discusses their growing popularity among collectors in On the Market. In Wheeling & Dealing—with your Life, Doug Neilson digs into the engineering science of aluminum alloy wheels, and the potential dangers of infrequent inspections. Finally, Ted West introduces us to one of two Troutman & Barns 914 pickups in Hell Camino. 

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

Note: There has been an update to Porsche Panorama digital that took effect December 15, 2014. To access the issue from this page, you must log into before clicking the Interactive Edition button. Additional log-in information is no longer required. If your PCA membership is current, the issue will load right up. To find out how to access the new Panorama mobile apps, click here.

Extreme Speed
911 GT3 Cup Andial Edition
Testing the first of five 4.0-liter, 515-hp club racers to be built by Porsche Motorsport North America.
One of the most important 917s
This Can-Am Spyder never won a race, but it made a crucial — if somewhat serendipitous — contribution.
On the Market
1975-1989 911 Turbo
The iconic 930 has begun to accelerate in more ways than one. Is it time to buy?
Wheeling & Dealing — with your life
Alloy wheel failures
Metal fatigue and what you need to know about it when it comes to old alloy wheels.
Hell Camino
A 914 pickup
Troutman & Barnes built two 914 pickups. One of them is still owned and loved by a PCAer.