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October 2015

In this issue, learn something new about the forthcoming turbocharged 911s in Randy Leffingwell's "Turbo Carrera." In "Blue Shark," David Mathews delves into the story of a muscle-car enthusiast who has owned his 1978 928 since new. Get lost in the history of Porsche's GT3, starting with the 1967 911R in "Best Jewels," by Randy Leffingwell. Sean Cridland gives us some highlights of 2015's Werks Reunion in "In the Werks." One of the best-preserved 912s in the world is profiled by Tom M'Guinness in "One Honest 912," which won the concours preservation class at this year's Porsche Parade.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

Note: There has been an update to Porsche Panorama digital that took effect December 15, 2014. To access the issue from this page, you must log into before clicking the Interactive Edition button. Additional log-in information is no longer required. If your PCA membership is current, the issue will load right up. To find out how to access the new Panorama mobile apps, click here.

Turbo Carrera
Preview: 2017 911 — Meet the new "turbo Carrera"
The 991-2 represents a sea change for the 911 — with a wave of turbocharged torque.
Blue Shark
Original-owner 928
A true-blue fan of American muscle fell hard for Porsche's V8-powered GT in 1978.
Best Jewels
Rise of the GT3 — The inside story
Learn why Porsche's modern masterpiece doesn't wear the Carrera RS moniker, and far more...
In the Werks
Werks Reunion 2015 — 800 Porsches strong
This PCA event is just two years old, but it's already a star of the Monterey Car Week.
One Honest 912
48 years later
This 1967 912 is the only new car one PCA member has ever owned, and it's still fabulous.