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October 2019

The 64th Porsche Parade has come and gone, with all the spectacle, competition, and camaraderie for which it's known. Our extensive coverage includes results of all the competitions and "The Big Four," highlighting some of the competitors and participants at Parade, including their challenges and triumphs. Count Rossi, part owner of race sponsor Martini & Rossi, wanted to drive a street-legal 917. The only problem was that he couldn't get it registered, despite trying in France, Germany, and Italy. Enter the U.S. state of Alabama, which registered the car, as long as he promised never to actually drive it in the state. Read all about it in "Barely Legal." Among the great 911s is the Carrera RS 2.7, and writer Randy Wells had the good fortune to compare two, a Touring and a Lightweight, owned by two long-standing PCA members. Read his impressions in "RS x 2." And our serialized graphic novel "The Spy Collector," continues, in part 3.

All this, plus the latest news, new images of the electric Taycan, and Doug Neilson talks about suspensions.

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The Big Four
Porsche Parade: PCA's 64th annual national gathering
Celebrating the competitors in concours, autocross, rallying, and tech quiz at this year's Parade.
Barely Legal
Count Rossi's 917 street car
With a little help from Porsche and the state of Alabama, the dream of a 917 for the street became a reality.
1973 Carrera RS 2.7 Touring and Lightweight
Seeing one 2.7 RS will arouse your senses, but experiencing them side by side raises goosebumps.
The Spy Collector, Part 3
A serialized graphic novel
We bring you chapter three of our exclusive illustrated spy story.