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September 2013

There is timing, and then there is timing. Taking a job at Panorama in the 911's 50th year is one of those things you couldn't - or wouldn't - write, put Porsche's most iconic car has been challenging me since I drove one for the first time in the 1990's.

I suppose the 911 has been challenging me since I was a little boy. Back then, I didn't know quite what to make of its styling, or the fact my best friend would trade any of his Matchbox cars but that one. Actually, the object of his obsession was a Tomy Pocket Car, a silver 930...

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50 Points
Critical moments in the 911's genesis
The Porsche 911 may be celebrating its 50th birthday this year, but this iconic sports car's story started long before its introduction in 1963.
5 Highs
The 911's most important racing victories
Fifty years later, the 911 has logged too many important racing wins to list — so choosing just five of them to highlight wasn't easy.
Kremer 935 K3
The ultimate Le Mans Porsche?
917-023 may have given Porsche its first overall win at La Sarthe, but 009-00015 is the only true production-based Porsche to win the French 24.
1976 911 Turbo Carrera
Canada's first 930
Receipts and records are nice, but it's hard to beat a chance to meet your Porsche's previous owners — especially if the first one bought the car 37 years ago.
First Foray
The 911's earliest competition campaign
In 1966, Porsche was interested in racing prototypes, not 911s. Englishman Vic Elford would change the factory's mind and set a new works program into motion.
Poor Old Marcel
1968 911L Targa: A true love story, 446,000 miles later
Autocrosser Terry Zaccone has driven his soft-window Targa for 45 years. With stock fenders and 2.0 liters, he's still challenging GT3s. So how — and why — does he do it?
Pikes Peak 2013
Porsche, adaptable as ever
The world's most recognizable hillclimb is contested by PCAers in early 911s, 914s, a 996 Turbo, and GT3 Cups.