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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Absaroka Immediate Past President, Insurance Chair, Treasurer Stephanie Haider
Absaroka Vice President Jack Burke
Absaroka Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor, Region Historian, Webmaster Dan Cole
Absaroka Secretary Lynnsey Slanina
Absaroka President Herb Stoick
Absaroka Treasurer Stephanie Krueger
Acadia Membership Chair Richard Ripley
Acadia Treasurer James Marriott
Acadia President Sean Smith
Acadia Social Media Chair, Vice President, Webmaster Gregory Taylor
Acadia Driver Education Chair Don Kyte
Acadia Secretary Terry Carroll
Alabama Membership Chair, Secretary Rick Teer
Alabama Chief Driving Instructor Tim Nagy
Alabama President Darcy Schofill
Alabama Treasurer Mason Beale
Alabama Driver Education Chair Woody Robbins
Alabama Immediate Past President Brian Starr
Alabama Safety Chair David Goodwin
Alabama Database Administrator, Webmaster Reed
Alabama Vice President Al Ellison
Alabama Insurance Chair, Safety Chair David Goodwin
Alabama Region Driving Tour Chair Randy Remington
Alaska Dealership Liaison, President Mike Holtzclaw
Alaska Autocross Chair, Safety Chair Jamie Benard
Alaska Region Historian Graham Beckett
Alaska Membership Chair, Treasurer Bob Raymond
Alaska Vice President Jim McNeff
Alaska Activities Chair, Insurance Chair, Secretary, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Teri Holtzclaw
Allegheny Database Administrator, Webmaster Michael Skowvron
Allegheny Driver Education Chair, Insurance Chair Tim Hronek
Allegheny Membership Chair Terri Mattock
Allegheny Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair Marc Stoken
Allegheny Immediate Past President Mark Hanson
Allegheny President Carl Rossi
Allegheny Database Administrator K. Scott Ishler
Allegheny Autocross Chair Rob Hoffman
Allegheny Vice President Bob Nadin
Allegheny Dealership Liaison, Marketing Chair Paul Nickoloff
Allegheny Concours Chair Brian Strohmeier
Allegheny Rally Chair John Purvis
Allegheny Treasurer Tom Uehling
Allegheny Chief Driving Instructor David Palmer
Allegheny Activities Chair Lisa Malobicky
Allegheny Safety Chair Dante Olliverio
Alpine Mountain Newsletter Editor Matthew Ardaiz
Alpine Mountain Autocross Chair, Secretary Tim Drummer
Alpine Mountain President, Social Media Chair Denise Jordan
Alpine Mountain Region Driving Tour Chair Nate Adams
Alpine Mountain Technical Chair Fred Sontag
Alpine Mountain Dealership Liaison, Region Historian Frederick Veitch
Alpine Mountain Chief Driving Instructor, Safety Chair, Vice President Mark Stolberg
Alpine Mountain Webmaster Alexander Ching
Alpine Mountain Treasurer Dana Kasten
Alpine Mountain Membership Chair Jim Sorensen
Appalachian Concours Chair Joseph Esposito
Appalachian Activities Chair Jim Moore
Appalachian Region Driving Tour Chair Larry Koupal
Appalachian Board Member Don Oakes
Appalachian Driver Education Chair David Wells
Appalachian Chief Driving Instructor John Cuellar
Appalachian Treasurer Matthew Pohsweg
Appalachian Chief Driving Instructor Clint Owings
Appalachian Membership Chair Todd Tamasy
Appalachian Chief Driving Instructor Rob Wallace
Appalachian Dealership Liaison Jim Peterson
Appalachian President Peter Graham
Appalachian Region Historian David Butler
Appalachian Secretary Don Grainger
Appalachian Activities Chair, Vice President Don Therien
Appalachian Webmaster Richard Maybach
Appalachian Social Media Chair Scott Walker
Appalachian Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Charlie Hickey
Appalachian Chief Driving Instructor Jack Chandler
Arizona Database Administrator, Region Driving Tour Chair Rook Younger