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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Allegheny Activities Chair Lisa Malobicky
Allegheny Rally Chair John Malobicky
Allegheny Region Historian Mark Hanson
Allegheny Insurance Chair Barrie Athol
Allegheny Marketing Chair, Dealership Liaison Paul Nickoloff
Allegheny Region Driving Tour Chair Thomas Mueller
Allegheny Chief Driving Instructor David Palmer
Allegheny Vice President Gus Vasilakis
Allegheny Membership Chair Terri Mattock
Allegheny President Ed Rice
Allegheny Immediate Past President Bob Nadin
Allegheny Database Administrator Shawn Cressler
Allegheny Treasurer Tom Uehling
Allegheny Database Administrator K. Scott Ishler
Allegheny Safety Chair Dante Oliverio
Allegheny Database Administrator, Webmaster Michael Skowvron
Allegheny Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar Carol Neal
Allegheny Secretary Drake Core
Allegheny Newsletter Editor Larry Sachs
Allegheny Concours Chair Brian Strohmeier
Allegheny Social Media Chair Christine Plummer