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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Grand Prix Immediate Past President Jeff Peck
Grand Prix Insurance Chair Ron Shanon
Grand Prix Social Media Chair John Kunkle
Grand Prix Database Administrator, Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar, Newsletter Editor, President, Region Historian Skip Carter
Grand Prix Immediate Past President Connie Somers
Grand Prix Chief Driving Instructor, Autocross Chair Dave Hockett
Grand Prix Activities Chair Arturo Chaparro
Grand Prix Activities Chair Susan Moard
Grand Prix Vice President Eric Peterson
Grand Prix Safety Chair Nicolaos Perdikaris
Grand Prix Database Administrator, Dealership Liaison, Director At Large Suesan Carter
Grand Prix Treasurer, Concours Chair Linda Cobarrubias
Grand Prix Membership Chair Patty Reilly
Grand Prix Region Driving Tour Chair, Secretary Alan Johnson
Grand Prix Webmaster Jimmie Mitchell