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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Lone Star Newsletter Editor Vik Day
Lone Star Concours Chair Tom Roy
Lone Star Membership Chair Alastair Donald
Lone Star Insurance Chair Kathy Kendall
Lone Star Vice President Tom Giertz
Lone Star Test Drive Chair Hector Martinez
Lone Star Driver Education Chair Tray Townsend
Lone Star Chief Driving Instructor Philippe Oberti
Lone Star Immediate Past President Michael Globe
Lone Star Database Administrator Ron Martin
Lone Star Database Administrator, Marketing Chair Doug Atkinson
Lone Star Treasurer Doug Carroll
Lone Star Region Historian Lynn Friedman
Lone Star Safety Chair Thomas Sanders
Lone Star Database Administrator Ken Tubman
Lone Star Rally Chair Edwin Goldman
Lone Star Activities Chair Pamela Fitzgerald
Lone Star Autocross Chair Jim Hedderick
Lone Star President Steven Bukoski