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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Peachstate Database Administrator, Webmaster Terry Pearson
Peachstate Secretary David Baxter
Peachstate President Andrew Douglas
Peachstate Autocross Chair Andrew Ellsom
Peachstate Insurance Chair, Safety Chair William Favara
Peachstate Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar Michael Hopper
Peachstate Treasurer Elizabeth Byerly
Peachstate Chief Driving Instructor Dale Rabeneck
Peachstate Newsletter Editor Mike Williford
Peachstate Rally Chair Caroline Freeman
Peachstate Technical Chair Lewis Broyles
Peachstate Concours Chair Dan De Riemer
Peachstate Immediate Past President, Vice President Rick Daniels
Peachstate Social Media Chair Adam Kochanski
Peachstate Region Driving Tour Chair Sam Mosley
Peachstate Activities Chair Matthew Lamarsh
Peachstate Database Administrator Leslie Minarcine
Peachstate Membership Chair Bill Edwards
Peachstate Region Historian Danny Saxton
Peachstate Marketing Chair, Dealership Liaison Jim Brashear