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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Shenandoah Dealership Liaison, Vice President Mark Doherty
Shenandoah Region Historian Cole Scrogham
Shenandoah Membership Chair, Test Drive Chair John Odden
Shenandoah Secretary, Social Media Chair Michael Evans
Shenandoah Region Driving Tour Chair, Social Media Chair Jason Wavell
Shenandoah Autocross Chair, Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Erik Boody
Shenandoah Treasurer Marquita Doherty
Shenandoah Webmaster Jim Condon
Shenandoah Autocross Chair Rick Ebinger
Shenandoah President Hank Weil
Shenandoah Immediate Past President Clint Shuler
Shenandoah Technical Chair Jonathan Newhall