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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Arizona Immediate Past President Lyle Capstick
Arizona Webmaster Kevin Gilchrist
Arizona President Bob Woodwell
Arizona Treasurer Parker
Arizona Database Administrator, Region Driving Tour Chair Rook Younger
ARK LA TEX President Jimmy Dunn
ARK LA TEX Vice President Nona Dailey
ARK LA TEX Treasurer Shirley Kelley
ARK LA TEX Region Driving Tour Chair Reginald Abrams
ARK LA TEX Immediate Past President, Secretary Kenneth Chandler
BC Interior Social Media Chair, Webmaster Kelly Pape
BC Interior Membership Chair Gustav Van Niekerk
BC Interior Dealership Liaison Duane Bentley
BC Interior Secretary Marlon Weidlich
BC Interior Rally Chair Steve Fenning
BC Interior Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair Sean Seidman
BC Interior Activities Chair Sabine Zerwes
BC Interior Region Driving Tour Chair Dave MacKenzie
BC Interior Autocross Chair Gary Ireland
BC Interior President Brad Pape
BC Interior Vice President Manuel Zerwes
BC Interior Treasurer Loren Hawkins
Big Island Hawaii Vice President Tim DiDonato
Big Island Hawaii President Gunner Mench
Big Island Hawaii Secretary Ryan Pettit
Big Island Hawaii Treasurer Naomi Tanaka
Big Sky Driver Education Chair, Membership Chair, Safety Chair, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Dave Cooley
Big Sky Activities Chair Michael Holle
Big Sky President Randall Cheney
Big Sky Secretary Jim Walsh
Big Sky Newsletter Editor Jeannette Cheney
Big Sky Treasurer Greg Madson
Big Sky Vice President Joe Evers
Blue Ridge Activities Chair Lynn Schleupner
Blue Ridge Rally Chair Gary Bell
Blue Ridge Secretary Reid Kuder
Blue Ridge Autocross Chair, Driver Education Chair Charlie Schleupner
Blue Ridge Chief Driving Instructor Dave Snow
Blue Ridge Region Driving Tour Chair Gary Templeton
Blue Ridge Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Dave Hogan
Blue Ridge Membership Chair Dan DeHart
Blue Ridge President Deborah Repass
Blue Ridge Insurance Chair Marc Wilson
Blue Ridge Safety Chair Donald Salisbury
Blue Ridge Region Historian Mick Michelsen
Blue Ridge Technical Chair Jerry Hampton
Blue Ridge Treasurer Bill Repass
Blue Ridge Vice President Rich Graham
Blue Ridge Region Historian Ed Clowser
Bluegrass Region Historian, Webmaster Julia Woods
Bluegrass President Patrick Meyer
Bluegrass Chief Driving Instructor David Clardy
Bluegrass Social Media Chair Mason Wilson
Bluegrass Membership Chair, Test Drive Chair Tim McNeely
Bluegrass Newsletter Editor Rey Au
Bluegrass Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Bill Larkin
Bluegrass Treasurer Rick Music
Bluegrass Immediate Past President Ken Hold
Bluegrass Secretary Larry McVay
Bluegrass Technical Chair Jim Brandon
Bluegrass Dealership Liaison, Vice President Ed Steverson
Bluegrass Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Neil Fisher
California Central Coast Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Charles Hoops
California Central Coast Membership Chair Larry Lloyd
California Central Coast Secretary Sanja Brewer
California Central Coast Driver Education Chair Jon Milledge
California Central Coast Autocross Chair Warren White
California Central Coast Newsletter Editor Alfred Abken
California Central Coast Vice President Andy Winterbottom
California Central Coast Immediate Past President, Treasurer Ken Finney
California Central Coast Social Media Chair K Foster
California Central Coast President Chuck Jennings
California Central Coast Activities Chair Jack Ravin
California Central Coast Webmaster Art Trinidade
California Central Coast Chief Driving Instructor Tom Dobyns