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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Maumee Valley Region Historian Bill Bauman
Maumee Valley Vice President Tom Woodruff
Maumee Valley Webmaster Bob Harris
Maumee Valley Driver Education Chair Tony Calabrese
Maumee Valley Immediate Past President, Safety Chair, Technical Chair Todd Mierzwiak
Maumee Valley Chief Driving Instructor Craig Zenil
Maumee Valley President Barney Stewart
Maumee Valley Vice President Bob Cryan
Maumee Valley Membership Chair Charlotte Chapman
Maumee Valley Social Media Chair Kim Harris
Maumee Valley Treasurer Sarah Mierzwiak
Maumee Valley Newsletter Editor Tom Isley
Maverick Treasurer Deborah Fike
Maverick Database Administrator, Social Media Chair Jim Hirsch
Maverick Newsletter Editor Kurt Scaggs
Maverick Driver Education Chair Chris Tabor
Maverick Dealership Liaison Bill Kruder
Maverick Chief Driving Instructor John Sandusky
Maverick Database Administrator, Webmaster James Shoffit
Maverick Activities Chair Debi Gibson
Maverick Concours Chair Mike Mahoney
Maverick Region Driving Tour Chair Mark Pitarresi
Maverick Marketing Chair, Social Media Chair, Test Drive Chair Bill Orr
Maverick Safety Chair Bob Kramer
Maverick Technical Chair Joe McGlohen
Maverick Insurance Chair, Vice President James Falgout
Maverick Autocross Chair Mark Schnoerr
Maverick Rally Chair Donald Sebert
Maverick Secretary Carey Spreen
Maverick Region Historian Charlie Davis
Maverick President David Robertson
Metropolitan New York Region Driving Tour Chair Stewart Teichman
Metropolitan New York Test Drive Chair Adele Portanova
Metropolitan New York Dealership Liaison Len Goldstein
Metropolitan New York Database Administrator Ginger Sagau
Metropolitan New York Technical Chair Michael Tashjian
Metropolitan New York Autocross Chair, President Dan Fishkind
Metropolitan New York Registrar Steve Divins
Metropolitan New York Treasurer Rich Smith
Metropolitan New York Secretary Lawrence Goldberg
Metropolitan New York Driver Education Chair Henry Hoeh
Metropolitan New York Rally Chair Richard Mooers
Metropolitan New York Chief Driving Instructor Bill Rudtner
Metropolitan New York Concours Chair, Vice President John Orrico
Metropolitan New York Immediate Past President Marc Campisi
Metropolitan New York Webmaster Brian Uckert
Metropolitan New York Membership Chair Peter Portanova
Metropolitan New York Safety Chair Scott Graber
Michiana Membership Chair Jon Wieand
Michiana Immediate Past President Frances Napieralski
Michiana Vice President Brad Fishburn
Michiana Region Historian, Secretary Susan Broadbent
Michiana Treasurer Larry Lentych
Michiana Social Media Chair Corey Cook
Michiana President Murray Bartel
Michiana Autocross Chair Jeff Margush
Mid Ohio President Chip Henderson
Mid Ohio Treasurer David Hayden
Mid Ohio Activities Chair Gerhard Hillmann
Mid Ohio Region Driving Tour Chair Butch Olds
Mid Ohio Technical Chair Jeffrey Brubaker
Mid Ohio Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Edward Davis
Mid Ohio Driver Education Chair John Peecook
Mid Ohio Newsletter Editor Jennifer Reynolds
Mid Ohio Database Administrator, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Kevin Hennessy
Mid Ohio Secretary Dave Stetson
Mid Ohio Region Historian Ted Zombek
Mid Ohio Autocross Chair Ryan Heidenreich
Mid Ohio Membership Chair Sheila Henderson
Mid Ohio Chief Driving Instructor Jeff West
Mid Ohio Concours Chair Robert Palmieri
Mid Ohio Vice President Robert Balchick
Mid South Technical Chair Pat Williams
Mid South President Debbie Hale
Mid South Region Historian Randy McCord