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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Mid South Driver Education Chair Ric Travis
Mid South Region Driving Tour Chair John Caradonna
Mid South Rally Chair Jay Carlson
Mid South Dealership Liaison Tim Regenold
Mid South Chief Driving Instructor Don Adams
Mid South Social Media Chair Mark Cannon
Mid South Activities Chair Jennifer Carlson
Mid South Technical Chair Pat Williams
Mid South Concours Chair Jerry Palmer
Mid South Immediate Past President Mark Jennings
Mid South Region Historian Randy McCord
Mid South Membership Chair Tom Whittington
Mid South Insurance Chair, Treasurer David Pear
Milwaukee Technical Chair Tim White
Milwaukee Treasurer Alan Bloom
Milwaukee Membership Chair, Secretary Donna Daufenbach
Milwaukee Activities Chair Betty Arndt
Milwaukee Database Administrator, Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Beverly Jurkowski
Milwaukee Dealership Liaison, President Tony Quebbemann
Milwaukee Region Historian Greg Kizevic
Milwaukee Autocross Chair Mike Bolton
Milwaukee Insurance Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Alan Wagner
Milwaukee Vice President Jeff Chang
Milwaukee Rally Chair Bob Budecki
Milwaukee Chief Driving Instructor Ron Pace
Milwaukee Safety Chair Michael Schmitz
Milwaukee Secretary Todd Ponath
Monterey Bay Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Natasha Zeligs
Monterey Bay Region Driving Tour Chair Steven Ponsi
Monterey Bay Secretary Michael Rogers
Monterey Bay Insurance Chair, Membership Chair, Test Drive Chair Vega Roecker
Monterey Bay President Peter Savale
Monterey Bay Treasurer Heinz Brinks
Monterey Bay Autocross Chair, Dealership Liaison, Rally Chair, Vice President Steven Cate
Monterey Bay Concours Chair David Aliotti
Motor-Stadt Autocross Chair Terrill Whitney
Motor-Stadt President Ken Jones
Motor-Stadt Vice President Bob Smith
Motor-Stadt Activities Chair, Database Administrator, Treasurer Curtis Howe
Motor-Stadt Insurance Chair, Secretary Steve Lee
Motor-Stadt Membership Chair William Robertson
Motor-Stadt Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President Don Dickmann
Motor-Stadt Region Historian Charles Hagen
Motor-Stadt Technical Chair Ed Chapman
Musik Stadt Immediate Past President, Insurance Chair Michael Moody
Musik Stadt Region Historian Mike Gillespie
Musik Stadt Newsletter Editor Ken Maurer
Musik Stadt Secretary JC Costarakis
Musik Stadt Treasurer Randy Lynch
Musik Stadt Vice President Richard Arnemann
Musik Stadt Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair, Safety Chair Joe Questel
Musik Stadt Webmaster Kent Kersten
Musik Stadt Membership Chair Melissa Schmittou
Musik Stadt Concours Chair Erik Lund
Musik Stadt Rally Chair Craig Flamme
Musik Stadt Social Media Chair Ross Robinson
Musik Stadt Dealership Liaison, President Dan Martin
Niagara Dealership Liaison Mark Gardone
Niagara Driver Education Chair Bert Xander
Niagara Region Historian Chad Comeau
Niagara Autocross Chair Mel Dillon
Niagara Social Media Chair Fuat Yucel
Niagara Vice President, Webmaster Renee Sliwinski
Niagara Insurance Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair John Jerabeck
Niagara Secretary Henry Beamer
Niagara Insurance Chair Lisa Paine
Niagara Membership Chair Curt Hinchcliffe
Niagara Newsletter Editor Daniel Sliwinski
Niagara Treasurer Joseph Prinzbach
Niagara Chief Driving Instructor, Immediate Past President Richard DeAsis
Niagara Safety Chair, Technical Chair Michael Zotter
Niagara President David Hostetter
Nord Stern Driver Education Chair Steve Meydell
Nord Stern President Lara Dant
Nord Stern Treasurer Jeff Bluhm