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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
California Central Coast President Chuck Jennings
California Central Coast Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Charles Hoops
California Central Coast Webmaster Art Trinidade
California Central Coast Immediate Past President, Treasurer Ken Finney
California Central Coast Membership Chair Larry Lloyd
California Central Coast Chief Driving Instructor Tom Dobyns
California Central Coast Autocross Chair Warren White
California Central Coast Driver Education Chair Jon Milledge
California Central Coast Secretary Sanja Brewer
California Central Coast Activities Chair Jack Ravin
California Inland Concours Chair Herman Rijfkogel
California Inland Insurance Chair, Vice President Ian Anderson
California Inland Immediate Past President, Membership Chair Lori DeCristo
California Inland Region Driving Tour Chair James Gude
California Inland Region Historian, Treasurer JL Quick
California Inland President Alex Helyer
California Inland Secretary Sam Thurman
California Inland Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Joel Browning
Canada West Treasurer Mike Taylor
Canada West Newsletter Editor Scott Newbury
Canada West Autocross Chair, Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair Blake Robertson
Canada West Dealership Liaison, Region Historian Jim Axelson
Canada West Webmaster Owain Davies
Canada West Technical Chair Iain Bowman
Canada West Activities Chair Luis Brasdefer
Canada West Rally Chair Larry Fuline
Canada West Region Driving Tour Chair Brian McCormack
Canada West Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Todd Coupal
Canada West Membership Chair Judy Colby
Canada West Secretary Marolyn Hum
Carolinas President Brian Powell
Carolinas Vice President Bill Scarbrough
Carolinas Region Historian Conrad Carter
Carolinas Newsletter Editor Robert Rainer
Carolinas Autocross Chair Wayne Capwell
Carolinas Treasurer Sadie Kilcrease
Carolinas Membership Chair Anne Racer
Carolinas Driver Education Chair John Babinski
Carolinas Chief Driving Instructor, Safety Chair Shane Tisdale
Carolinas Activities Chair Michael Vittorio
Carolinas Board Member Marty Barrett
Carolinas Social Media Chair Marvin Waters
Carolinas Board Member Jerry Kilcrease
Carolinas Board Member Adam Morrison
Carrera Autocross Chair, Chief Driving Instructor, Membership Chair Lenny Loftin
Carrera Marketing Chair, President Teresa Talamantes
Carrera Webmaster Dan Thomas
Carrera Region Historian Frances Walker
Carrera Driver Education Chair, Safety Chair William Walker
Carrera Treasurer Thorsten Gehrmann
Carrera Social Media Chair Charles Vickrey
Cascade Treasurer Susan Ward
Cascade Newsletter Editor Joel Weyhe
Cascade Database Administrator, Webmaster Arne Berglund
Cascade Membership Chair Glenn Gumaer
Cascade Vice President Orwell Early
Cascade President Ross Rampy
Central Indiana Activities Chair James Arata
Central Indiana Vice President Mike Downs
Central Indiana Newsletter Editor James Legault
Central Indiana Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President Bruce Fleischmann
Central Indiana Driver Education Chair Mark Westlake
Central Indiana Secretary Robert Prostko
Central Indiana Webmaster David Weaver
Central Indiana Activities Chair James Scarbrough
Central Indiana Treasurer Owen Pruden
Central Indiana Chief Driving Instructor, Membership Chair Randy Faunce
Central Indiana Region Historian Bob Snider
Central Indiana President Rebecca Pinto
Central Iowa Secretary Edward Mitchell
Central Iowa Vice President, Webmaster James Millick
Central Iowa Newsletter Editor Jameel Abraham
Central Iowa Treasurer Leesa Elseman
Central Iowa President Darrell Frett
Central New York Safety Chair Gil Wistrup