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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Suncoast Florida Autocross Chair Bill Sumansky
Suncoast Florida Secretary Pamela Richard
Suncoast Florida Rally Chair Jim Hoey
Tennessee Secretary Alan Clark
Tennessee Dealership Liaison Jon Lancaster
Tennessee Insurance Chair, Treasurer Scott LaFoy
Tennessee Membership Chair, Social Media Chair Kurt Lammon
Tennessee Concours Chair Jeff Frye
Tennessee President Mike Toth
Tennessee Newsletter Editor, Webmaster Mayur Malde
Tennessee Database Administrator, Immediate Past President Deems Riddle
Tennessee Vice President Ralph Petty
Tennessee Chief Driving Instructor Curt Swearingin
Three Rivers Secretary Kathy Webb
Three Rivers Treasurer Donna Edge
Three Rivers President Steve Noiret
Three Rivers Membership Chair Cesar Palacio
Three Rivers Activities Chair, Driver Education Chair Richard Soule
Three Rivers Immediate Past President, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster Melissa Sprouse Browne
Three Rivers Vice President Rock Webb
Upper Canada Concours Chair Dave Walker
Upper Canada Safety Chair Adam Holland
Upper Canada Vice President Terrence Tong
Upper Canada Newsletter Editor Rhonda Roberts
Upper Canada Technical Chair Roger Stopford
Upper Canada Autocross Chair Mario Marrello
Upper Canada Webmaster Dixon Chan
Upper Canada Chief Driving Instructor Andy Wright
Upper Canada President Michael Pohlmann
Upper Canada Insurance Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair, Social Media Chair Stefan Walther
Upper Canada Activities Chair Peter Blake
Upper Canada Treasurer Peter Oakes
Upper Canada Rally Chair Sajjad Butt
Upper Canada Database Administrator Ken Jensen
Upper Canada Membership Chair Mark Herring
Upper Canada Region Historian John Adam
Upper Canada Database Administrator, Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President, Marketing Chair Kathleen Wong
Upper Canada Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar David Osborne
Upper Canada Secretary Kim Viney
Vancouver Island Webmaster Dave Nickel
Vancouver Island Immediate Past President Martin Mansfield
Vancouver Island Social Media Chair, Treasurer Tim Evans
Vancouver Island Membership Chair, Test Drive Chair Garth Webber Atkins
Vancouver Island Director At Large Wendy Woodley
Vancouver Island Director At Large, Driver Education Chair Dean Aikenhead
Vancouver Island Secretary Michael Holan
Vancouver Island Director At Large Didier Moinier
Vancouver Island Rally Chair Klaus Kreye
Vancouver Island Insurance Chair, Vice President James Renfrew
Vancouver Island Autocross Chair Tyson Johnson
Vancouver Island Dealership Liaison, President John McGurran
Vancouver Island Newsletter Editor Steve Fairbrother
Vancouver Island Region Historian Brad Blaney
War Bonnet Social Media Chair Chad Goodman
War Bonnet Vice President Vince Howie
War Bonnet President Brian Swope
War Bonnet Insurance Chair Janie Tigert
War Bonnet Region Historian Eric Costello
War Bonnet Autocross Chair, Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar, Safety Chair Matt Herndon
War Bonnet Activities Chair Laura Swope
War Bonnet Membership Chair Brian Miller
War Bonnet Region Driving Tour Chair Stephen Hintze
War Bonnet Secretary Randal Goodman
War Bonnet Dealership Liaison Ann Costello
West Texas Immediate Past President, President Tony Wright
West Texas Treasurer JToni Robertson
West Texas Membership Chair Alison Godfrey
West Texas Secretary Vicky Garlock
West Texas Newsletter Editor Wil Carter
West Texas Vice President Moe Rahman
Western Michigan Webmaster Craig Paull
Western Michigan Region Historian Charles Olenyk
Western Michigan Immediate Past President Mike Karluk
Western Michigan President Jim Chiavaras
Western Michigan Newsletter Editor Lina Spross