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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
West Texas Vice President Glenn Brown
West Texas Secretary Vicky Garlock
West Texas Newsletter Editor Wil Carter
Western Michigan President Mike Karluk
Western Michigan Vice President Jim Chiavaras
Western Michigan Social Media Chair Wen-Peng Lo
Western Michigan Newsletter Editor Lina Spross
Western Michigan Safety Chair Johann Spross
Western Michigan Webmaster Craig Paull
Western Michigan Driver Education Chair Ted Blacklidge
Western Michigan Activities Chair Lynne Olenyk
Western Michigan Chief Driving Instructor Terence Schieble
Western Michigan Secretary Brenda Hildon-Kaempf
Western Michigan Autocross Chair Michael Betz
Western Michigan Insurance Chair, Region Historian Kurt Wirth
Western Michigan Treasurer Amber Door
Western Michigan Membership Chair Jerry Arens
Western Michigan Immediate Past President John Walters
Whiskey Bay Immediate Past President, Insurance Chair, Vice President Henry Carter
Whiskey Bay Secretary Lynn Hamza
Whiskey Bay President, Social Media Chair Stan Labat
Whiskey Bay Webmaster Randy Osborne
Whiskey Bay Chief Driving Instructor, Membership Chair Michael Hamza
Whiskey Bay Treasurer Ron Gaubert
White River Newsletter Editor, Webmaster Dave Decker
White River Activities Chair, Secretary Sharon Hays
White River Treasurer Melody Zechiedrich
White River President Leonard Zechiedrich
White River Membership Chair, Vice President Mike Hays
Wichita Secretary Scott Orr
Wichita Autocross Chair, Insurance Chair Tom Zickuhr
Wichita Social Media Chair Jeffrey Reisman
Wichita Newsletter Editor, President, Webmaster Scott Sherraden
Wichita Driver Education Chair Andy Mueller
Wichita Membership Chair, Vice President Barry Anderson
Wichita Treasurer Carl Compton
Wichita Database Administrator Chester Bailey
Wichita Activities Chair Dan McKenzie
Wichita Safety Chair Terry Morris
Wild Rose Autocross Chair, Driver Education Chair Yoon Ha
Wild Rose Webmaster Brodie Green
Wild Rose Vice President Peter Busse
Wild Rose Insurance Chair, Secretary Harold Oga
Wild Rose Newsletter Editor Kevin Johnston
Wild Rose Driver's Education Registrar, President Yvette Winslow
Wild Rose Region Historian George Springer
Wild Rose Dealership Liaison, Membership Chair Mark Oliver
Wild Rose Safety Chair, Treasurer David McEwen
Wild Rose Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Danielle Green
Wilderness Trail Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair, Safety Chair Mark Finley
Wilderness Trail Vice President Scott Hubbard
Wilderness Trail Newsletter Editor, Secretary Eric Fish
Wilderness Trail Database Administrator, Dealership Liaison Jerry Godsey
Wilderness Trail Activities Chair, Insurance Chair, President, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Mitch Rainero
Wilderness Trail Treasurer Mike Kidd
Wilderness Trail Region Historian George Booze
Wilderness Trail Activities Chair, Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President, Membership Chair Michelle Umbarger
Yellowstone Autocross Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair, Secretary Dwight Reppa
Yellowstone Rally Chair Eric Weber
Yellowstone Activities Chair, Chief Driving Instructor, Membership Chair, Safety Chair Michael Mielke
Yellowstone Secretary Bobbie Reppa
Yellowstone President Mark Kaczor
Yellowstone Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President, Newsletter Editor Greg Wallace
Yellowstone Webmaster Ked Nilsen
Yosemite Social Media Chair, Webmaster Donald Chaisson
Yosemite Treasurer Fred Miramontes
Yosemite Concours Chair, Newsletter Editor, President Chuck Pierce
Yosemite Membership Chair George Hatfield
Yosemite Vice President Larry Kirkbride
Yosemite Secretary Jennifer Pierce
Yosemite Region Historian Norman Swanberg