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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Carrera Driver Education Chair, Safety Chair William Walker
Carrera Vice President Charles Vickrey
Carrera Region Historian Frances Walker
Carrera Dealership Liaison Gery Reckelbus
Carrera Marketing Chair, Immediate Past President Teresa Talamantes
Cascade Immediate Past President Ross Rampy
Cascade Treasurer John Thompson
Cascade President, Webmaster Arne Berglund
Cascade Membership Chair John Crisalli
Cascade Database Administrator Gary Proefke
Cascade Secretary Rick Ohlson
Cascade Database Administrator Bill Kohn
Cascade Newsletter Editor Joel Weyhe
Cascade Database Administrator David McGloon
Cascade Vice President Greg Dino
Central Indiana Membership Chair, Region Historian Bob Snider
Central Indiana Immediate Past President Rebecca Pinto
Central Indiana Treasurer Owen Pruden
Central Indiana Database Administrator James Arata
Central Indiana Newsletter Editor Pam Clarino
Central Indiana Vice President Pete Walker
Central Indiana Driver Education Chair Randy Faunce
Central Indiana Secretary James Legault
Central Indiana Chief Driving Instructor Doug DeArmond
Central Indiana Activities Chair Cindy McDaniel
Central Indiana Dealership Liaison, Insurance Chair, President, Region Driving Tour Chair, Safety Chair Rob Fike
Central Indiana Webmaster David Weaver
Central Iowa Immediate Past President Darrell Frett
Central Iowa President Michael Sondergard
Central Iowa Treasurer Leesa Elseman
Central Iowa Secretary Edward Mitchell
Central Iowa Newsletter Editor Jameel Abraham
Central Iowa Vice President, Webmaster James Millick
Central New York Region Historian Chuck Gladle
Central New York Activities Chair Stephen Lerman
Central New York Safety Chair Gil Wistrup
Central New York Webmaster Chris White
Central New York Treasurer Lin Hurd
Central New York Membership Chair Jill Vasina
Central New York Autocross Chair Michael Darminio
Central New York Dealership Liaison, President Rush Pond
Central New York Secretary Joanne Patane
Central New York Immediate Past President William Kohnke
Central New York Social Media Chair Rebecca Lerman
Central New York Vice President Thomas Buswell
Central Pennsylvania President Steve Limbert
Central Pennsylvania Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Webmaster Don Hollway
Central Pennsylvania Director At Large Kevin Robinson
Central Pennsylvania Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar, Chief Driving Instructor Steve Baun
Central Pennsylvania Vice President Gary Witmer
Central Pennsylvania Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Paul Hess
Central Pennsylvania Membership Chair Rick Geiner
Central Wisconsin Membership Chair, Secretary Lee Grunewald
Central Wisconsin Safety Chair, Vice President Gregg Elliott
Central Wisconsin President Maurice Scorsolini
Central Wisconsin Treasurer, Newsletter Editor Charles Schmeling
Chesapeake Membership Chair Official2
Chesapeake Vice President Aaron Miller
Chesapeake Insurance Chair Lee Rock
Chesapeake Autocross Chair Brad Martinez
Chesapeake Region Historian Bob Rassa
Chesapeake Immediate Past President Michael Murphy
Chesapeake Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar Ellen Beck
Chesapeake Concours Chair Ron Gordon
Chesapeake Treasurer Thomas Morton
Chesapeake Activities Chair Donna Brandt
Chesapeake Newsletter Editor John Lewis
Chesapeake Safety Chair, Secretary John Jensen
Chesapeake Webmaster Jim Hemig
Chesapeake Technical Chair Jim Earlbeck
Chesapeake Social Media Chair Patrick Walker
Chesapeake Social Media Chair James Beavan
Chesapeake Rally Chair Randy Moss
Chesapeake President Vincent Rock
Chesapeake Membership Chair, Dealership Liaison Minta Miller