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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Central New York Webmaster Chris White
Central New York Vice President Rush Pond
Central New York Membership Chair Jill Vasina
Central New York Chief Driving Instructor Brian Daley
Central New York President William Kohnke
Central New York Region Historian Chuck Gladle
Central New York Safety Chair Gil Wistrup
Central Pennsylvania Region Historian Michael McNulty
Central Pennsylvania Membership Chair Rick Geiner
Central Pennsylvania Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Paul Hess
Central Pennsylvania President Steve Limbert
Central Pennsylvania Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Donald Hollway
Central Pennsylvania Technical Chair Adam Weaver
Central Pennsylvania Driver Education Chair Steve Baun
Central Pennsylvania Treasurer Richard Gordon
Central Wisconsin President Charles Holstein
Central Wisconsin Safety Chair Frederick Howard
Central Wisconsin Newsletter Editor, Treasurer Charles Schmeling
Central Wisconsin Immediate Past President, Vice President Brendon Schellpfeffer
Central Wisconsin Membership Chair, Secretary Lee Grunewald
Chesapeake Region Driving Tour Chair Aniano Arao
Chesapeake Treasurer Vincent Rock
Chesapeake Newsletter Editor Ronald Farb
Chesapeake Region Historian Bob Rassa
Chesapeake Dealership Liaison, Membership Chair Minta Miller
Chesapeake Concours Chair Douglas Ehmann
Chesapeake Technical Chair Jim Earlbeck
Chesapeake Board Member Laurie Tarsia
Chesapeake Insurance Chair Lee Rock
Chesapeake Social Media Chair Patrick Walker
Chesapeake Activities Chair Gene O'Dunne
Chesapeake Board Member Bruce Tarsia
Chesapeake Autocross Chair Ryan Golom
Chesapeake Chief Driving Instructor Bob Gutjahr
Chesapeake Vice President Lynda Sobus
Chesapeake Rally Chair Randy Moss
Chesapeake Immediate Past President Claude Taylor
Chesapeake Database Administrator Region Official
Chesapeake Safety Chair John Jensen
Chesapeake President Michael Murphy
Chesapeake Webmaster Terry DellaVecchia
Chicago Activities Chair Steve Kuk
Chicago Safety Chair, Secretary Todd Conforti
Chicago Database Administrator Ed Leed
Chicago Concours Chair John Blyth
Chicago President Neil MacDonald
Chicago Vice President David Angelus
Chicago Treasurer Robert Danko
Chicago Autocross Chair Scott McClement
Chicago Webmaster Carlton Walstad
Chicago Region Driving Tour Chair John Diwik
Chicago Rally Chair Tom Snyder
Chicago Driver Education Chair Pete Hackenson
Chicago Insurance Chair Keith Clark
Chicago Membership Chair Mark Prescott
Chicago Social Media Chair John Westra
Chicago Chief Driving Instructor John Ruther
Chicago Technical Chair Pete Faehnrich
Cimarron Secretary Philip Dooley
Cimarron Social Media Chair Jennifer Fugate
Cimarron Driver Education Chair Jeff Metcalf
Cimarron Membership Chair Rick Hardmeyer
Cimarron Autocross Chair Mike Fugate
Cimarron Immediate Past President Joy Jones
Cimarron President Tolly Tollison
Cimarron Treasurer Sheryl Phillips
Cimarron Chief Driving Instructor, Webmaster Gary Bernard
Cimarron Safety Chair Rod Nordstrom
Cimarron Vice President Chris Hines
Cimarron Newsletter Editor Michael McKinney
Cimarron Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Steve Canada
Coastal Bend Activities Chair, Secretary Jose Carreras
Coastal Bend Chief Driving Instructor, Insurance Chair, Vice President Russell Adams
Coastal Bend Autocross Chair, President, Safety Chair Bryan Kerrick
Coastal Bend Technical Chair, Treasurer Edward Gonzales