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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Chesapeake Region Driving Tour Chair Aniano Arao
Chicago Autocross Chair, Social Media Chair Adam Kern
Chicago Database Administrator, Immediate Past President, Insurance Chair, Marketing Chair, Newsletter Editor Neil MacDonald
Chicago President Bob Rath
Chicago Chief Driving Instructor John Ruther
Chicago Region Historian James Jacisin
Chicago Activities Chair Steve Kuk
Chicago Safety Chair Todd Conforti
Chicago Technical Chair Jody Freund
Chicago Rally Chair, Treasurer Andrew Skura
Chicago Secretary Robert Danko
Chicago Dealership Liaison Chuck Lamantia
Chicago Concours Chair Henrique Regina
Chicago Database Administrator Ed Leed
Chicago Membership Chair Mark Prescott
Chicago Vice President Stanley Sangdahl
Cimarron Safety Chair, Vice President Rod Nordstrom
Cimarron Chief Driving Instructor, Webmaster Gary Bernard
Cimarron Membership Chair, Secretary Rick Hardmeyer
Cimarron President Bill Jacobi
Cimarron Region Driving Tour Chair Steve Canada
Cimarron Immediate Past President Chris Hines
Cimarron Activities Chair, Social Media Chair Scot Williams
Cimarron Treasurer George Paul
Cimarron Autocross Chair Randy Kaplin
Coastal Bend Activities Chair, Rally Chair, Secretary Jose Carreras
Coastal Bend Autocross Chair, President, Safety Chair Bryan Kerrick
Coastal Bend Technical Chair, Treasurer Edward Gonzales
Coastal Bend Chief Driving Instructor, Insurance Chair, Social Media Chair, Vice President Russell Adams
Coastal Empire Membership Chair Eileen Pyle
Coastal Empire Treasurer Pop Seniwong
Coastal Empire Chief Driving Instructor, Safety Chair, Technical Chair Steve Harrington
Coastal Empire Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar David Selvig
Coastal Empire Webmaster Mike Larimer
Coastal Empire Vice President Jerold Pyle
Coastal Empire Social Chair, Activities Chair RZ Lehr
Coastal Empire President Audrey Woodman
Connecticut Valley Technical Chair Daniel Jacobs
Connecticut Valley Immediate Past President Richard Strahota
Connecticut Valley Rally Chair Tim Beckwith
Connecticut Valley Treasurer Don Phelan
Connecticut Valley Newsletter Editor Eric Richmond
Connecticut Valley Concours Chair Michael Keller
Connecticut Valley Membership Chair Lisa Parker
Connecticut Valley Region Driving Tour Chair Maria Capella
Connecticut Valley President Phillip Capella
Connecticut Valley Region Historian Prescott Kelly
Connecticut Valley Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar David Vaccaro
Connecticut Valley Social Media Chair Joe Morrow
Connecticut Valley Secretary Joe Kunecki
Connecticut Valley Chief Driving Instructor David Nagler
Connecticut Valley Autocross Chair Paul Kudra
Connecticut Valley Activities Chair Jeffrey Coe
Connecticut Valley Vice President Allen Fossbender
Connecticut Valley Safety Chair Will Klancko
Dakota Immediate Past President, President Susan Johannsen
Dakota Membership Chair Linda Shields
Dakota Newsletter Editor Kathleen Lunde
Dakota Database Administrator Larry Riddle
Dakota Database Administrator Lee Lunde
Dakota Treasurer, Secretary Dave Brandt
Dakota Vice President Tim Powell
Dakota Insurance Chair, Webmaster John Forrette
Dakota Database Administrator David Shields
Delaware Region Historian A Kissell
Delaware Chief Driving Instructor Thomas Holmes
Delaware Treasurer John Reader
Delaware Membership Chair Carl Thompson
Delaware Driver Education Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Henry Roll
Delaware Secretary Bill Boyd
Delaware Vice President Les Clarke
Delaware President Frederick Stapleford
Delaware Driver's Education Registrar Michael Holmes
Delaware Database Administrator, Immediate Past President Robert Farris
Diablo Webmaster, Newsletter Editor Anthony Mendoza