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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Everglades Goodie Store Chair Faith Wassersug
Everglades Membership Chair Philip Castronova
Everglades Board Member JP Petracco
Everglades Director At Large Gary Karnes
Everglades Dealership Liaison, President Dave Noelken
Everglades Secretary William Shelton
Finger Lakes President Dominick Pullano
Finger Lakes Vice President Neil Freson
Finger Lakes Region Driving Tour Chair David Schwaner
Finger Lakes Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair, Newsletter Editor Luis Martinez
Finger Lakes Immediate Past President Chuck Chada
Finger Lakes Secretary John Malvaso
Finger Lakes Safety Chair Art Salo
Finger Lakes Membership Chair Mike Hortiatis
First Settlers President Doug Worrall
First Settlers Treasurer John Schwaebler
First Settlers Vice President Melinda Cagle
First Settlers Safety Chair Mark Hugel
First Settlers Secretary Ed Merry
First Settlers Chief Driving Instructor Tim Ashbridge
First Settlers Database Administrator, Insurance Chair George Michaels
First Settlers Activities Chair Vince Canepa
First Settlers Newsletter Editor Kathy Kent
First Settlers Technical Chair Chris Stanley
First Settlers Autocross Chair John Kopp
First Settlers Rally Chair Scott Hoffman
First Settlers Membership Chair Ken Thomas
First Settlers Marketing Chair Jacob Kay
First Settlers Driver Education Chair, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Marco Estrada
First Settlers Region Driving Tour Chair James McCormack
First Settlers Region Historian Phil Grandfield
Florida Citrus Safety Chair Kevin Duffy
Florida Citrus Membership Chair Leslie Sikorski
Florida Citrus Treasurer Arden Griffith
Florida Citrus Activities Chair Ian Collins
Florida Citrus President, Social Media Chair Lyn Perez
Florida Citrus Autocross Chair, Chief Driving Instructor, Database Administrator, Driver Education Chair Bert DelVillano
Florida Citrus Database Administrator Paul Bishop
Florida Citrus Region Historian Chuck Hennings
Florida Citrus Rally Chair Bill Davis
Florida Citrus Newsletter Editor Travis Young
Florida Citrus Dealership Liaison Steve Williamson
Florida Citrus Vice President, Webmaster Jim La Piana
Florida Crown Treasurer Ed Lustgarten
Florida Crown Dealership Liaison Hans-Dieter Mandt
Florida Crown Activities Chair Bruce Coggins
Florida Crown Autocross Chair, Vice President Mel Ward
Florida Crown Secretary Bill Sims
Florida Crown Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair Joshua Barnes
Florida Crown President, Technical Chair Steven Palmer
Florida Crown Concours Chair Christopher Hoyt
Florida Crown Region Historian Mark Laszlo
Florida Crown Membership Chair, Webmaster Rob Sewell
Florida Crown Board Member Dennis Fallen
Florida Crown Social Media Chair Dorothy Palmer
Florida Crown Immediate Past President Ken Perry
Florida Thoroughbred Secretary Muge Kesen
Florida Thoroughbred Activities Chair, Database Administrator Cindy Nusbaum
Florida Thoroughbred Board Member Robert Harden
Florida Thoroughbred Activities Chair, Database Administrator, President, Region Driving Tour Chair Jack Hollrah
Florida Thoroughbred Board Member Roy Cawley
Florida Thoroughbred Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Tony Ulterino
Florida Thoroughbred Treasurer Allen Nusbaum
Florida Thoroughbred Membership Chair, Webmaster Jim Grasser
Fox Valley Dealership Liaison Robert Dean
Fox Valley Database Administrator, Newsletter Editor Beverly Jurkowski
Fox Valley Treasurer Jim Janes
Fox Valley Membership Chair Dee Stamnes
Fox Valley Region Driving Tour Chair, Technical Chair Daniel Pankratz
Fox Valley Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Andrew Opicka
Fox Valley Vice President Matthew Safranski
Fox Valley Region Historian Jimmy Haen
Fox Valley Secretary Mary Haen
Fox Valley Webmaster Shaun Stamnes
Fox Valley President Todd Benz