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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Florida Crown Insurance Chair Mel Ward
Florida Crown Technical Chair Steven Palmer
Florida Crown Concours Chair Christopher Hoyt
Florida Crown Driver's Education Registrar Joshua Barnes
Florida Crown Treasurer Ed Lustgarten
Florida Thoroughbred Activities Chair, Database Administrator, Secretary, Social Media Chair Cindy Nusbaum
Florida Thoroughbred Insurance Chair Tony Ulterino
Florida Thoroughbred Board Member Robert Harden
Florida Thoroughbred Rally Chair William Jankovsky
Florida Thoroughbred Treasurer Allen Nusbaum
Florida Thoroughbred Board Member Roy Cawley
Florida Thoroughbred Membership Chair, Webmaster Jim Grasser
Florida Thoroughbred Secretary Muge Kesen
Florida Thoroughbred Dealership Liaison, President Jack Hollrah
Fox Valley Region Historian Jimmy Haen
Fox Valley Region Driving Tour Chair, Technical Chair Daniel Pankratz
Fox Valley Treasurer Jim Janes
Fox Valley Membership Chair Dee Stamnes
Fox Valley Secretary Mary Haen
Fox Valley Dealership Liaison Robert Dean
Fox Valley Vice President, Webmaster Shaun Stamnes
Fox Valley Social Media Chair Gordon Skog
Fox Valley Newsletter Editor Beverly Jurkowski
Fox Valley President Todd Benz
Fox Valley Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Andrew Opicka
Gold Coast Treasurer Kyle Rathbun
Gold Coast Concours Chair Peter Olliviere
Gold Coast Secretary Dottie Kidd
Gold Coast Social Media Chair, Webmaster Ian Gerada
Gold Coast Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Cynthia Fluhart-Diaz
Gold Coast Newsletter Editor Roger Fabel
Gold Coast Autocross Chair, President, Region Historian Steven Kidd
Gold Coast Membership Chair, Vice President Paul Raben
Gold Coast Chief Driving Instructor, Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Michael Tarter
Gold Coast Driver Education Chair Michael Roblin
Gold Coast Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President Dan Doyle
Golden Empire Treasurer Chuck Anderson
Golden Empire Activities Chair Betsy Wadman
Golden Empire Webmaster Sandy Anderson
Golden Empire Dealership Liaison, President Patrick Wadman
Golden Empire Vice President Robert Goon
Golden Empire Autocross Chair, Immediate Past President Tammy Harris
Golden Empire Membership Chair, Newsletter Editor Michael Thomas
Golden Gate Immediate Past President Andrew Forrest
Golden Gate Treasurer Bryan Phan
Golden Gate Dealership Liaison, Membership Chair Michael Sherman
Golden Gate Region Driving Tour Chair Robert Habibi
Golden Gate Driver Education Chair Jim McClelland
Golden Gate Secretary Brian Emmett
Golden Gate Autocross Chair Ed Hunter
Golden Gate Social Media Chair, Webmaster Marianne Merritt
Golden Gate Newsletter Editor, Vice President John Celona
Golden Gate President Brad Kellett
Golden Gate Chief Driving Instructor Brad Williams
Golden Gate Activities Chair Serena Cheng
Grand Prix Driver's Education Registrar, Newsletter Editor Skip Carter
Grand Prix Vice President Ellsworth Pryor
Grand Prix Chief Driving Instructor Dave Hockett
Grand Prix President Jeff Peck
Grand Prix Activities Chair Susan Moard
Grand Prix Safety Chair Nicolaos Perdikaris
Grand Prix Technical Chair Dan Hockett
Grand Prix Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President Suesan Carter
Grand Prix Concours Chair, Treasurer Linda Cobarrubias
Grand Prix Membership Chair Patty Reilly
Grand Prix Region Driving Tour Chair Alan Johnson
Grand Prix Secretary Marty Goldsmith
Grand Prix Insurance Chair Ron Shanon
Grand Prix Social Media Chair, Webmaster Jimmie Mitchell
Great Plains President Joe Chambers
Great Plains Region Historian Dennis Strauss
Great Plains Webmaster Eric Elliott
Great Plains Driver's Education Registrar, Safety Chair Rick Mourey
Great Plains Chief Driving Instructor John Krecek
Great Plains Activities Chair Chris Coda