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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Grand Prix Database Administrator, Dealership Liaison Suesan Carter
Grand Prix Vice President Connie Somers
Grand Prix Treasurer, Concours Chair Linda Cobarrubias
Grand Prix Membership Chair Patty Reilly
Grand Prix Region Driving Tour Chair, Secretary Alan Johnson
Grand Prix Webmaster Jimmie Mitchell
Grand Prix President Ellsworth Pryor
Grand Prix Insurance Chair Ron Shanon
Grand Prix Immediate Past President Jeff Peck
Grand Prix Database Administrator, Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar, Newsletter Editor, Region Historian Skip Carter
Grand Prix Activities Chair Arturo Chaparro
Grand Prix Chief Driving Instructor, Autocross Chair Dave Hockett
Grand Prix Activities Chair Susan Moard
Great Plains Immediate Past President Steve Gehring
Great Plains Webmaster, Social Media Chair Eric Elliott
Great Plains Treasurer Maurice Shanley
Great Plains Membership Chair Brandon Koom
Great Plains Secretary David Adler
Great Plains President Joe Chambers
Great Plains Newsletter Editor Mark Eichten
Great Plains Activities Chair Armando Colorado
Great Plains Region Historian Dennis Strauss
Great Plains Driver's Education Registrar, Safety Chair Rick Mourey
Great Plains Region Driving Tour Chair Kim Burger
Great Plains Chief Driving Instructor John Krecek
Green Mountain Immediate Past President William Root
Green Mountain Board Member, Membership Chair Bradley Kennison
Green Mountain Database Administrator, Newsletter Editor Sandy Gilmour
Green Mountain Insurance Chair, President Carl Wulfestieg
Green Mountain Vice President David Whittall
Green Mountain Treasurer Christina McCaffrey
Green Mountain Secretary Peggy Larson
Green Mountain Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Duffy Miller
Green Mountain Webmaster, Social Media Chair Al Iuppa
Hawaii Immediate Past President, Webmaster Gerardo Flores
Hawaii Activities Chair, Database Administrator William Sanders
Hawaii Dealership Liaison Andrew Jones
Hawaii Newsletter Editor Michael Davis
Hawaii Vice President John Meyers
Hawaii Treasurer Andy Hatcher
Hawaii Membership Chair, President Ellen Liddle
Hawaii Social Media Chair Kristopher Liddle
Heart O' Dixie Region Historian, Driver's Education Registrar, Chief Driving Instructor, Immediate Past President, Membership Chair Jim Cambron
Heart O' Dixie Webmaster Lee Fowler
Heart O' Dixie Newsletter Editor Scott Witt
Heart O' Dixie Secretary Rich Corbeille
Heart O' Dixie Social Media Chair Suzanne Fowler
Heart O' Dixie Technical Chair Randy Carter
Heart O' Dixie Vice President Theodore Sendak
Heart O' Dixie Treasurer Regan Carlile
Heart O' Dixie Insurance Chair, Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair, Dealership Liaison, President Dave Schroetter
High Desert Region Driving Tour Chair Timothy Morris
High Desert Webmaster David Gentry
High Desert Membership Chair Kim Morris
High Desert Vice President Scott Lauray
High Desert Immediate Past President Jerry Kolb
High Desert Activities Chair Joe Mansfield
High Desert Secretary Mary Sanders
High Desert Treasurer Jeanine Faria
High Desert President Tim Hagner
High Desert Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Lisa Sarmiento
High Desert Newsletter Editor Brendon Hirschberg
High Desert Region Historian Roger Sanders
Hill Country Safety Chair Carl Rossi
Hill Country Database Administrator, Vice President Charlie Sparks
Hill Country Immediate Past President Lenny Zwik
Hill Country Rally Chair George Hansen
Hill Country Webmaster John Deviney
Hill Country Treasurer Bruce Harris
Hill Country Region Driving Tour Chair Christopher McChesney
Hill Country Secretary Steven Guzman
Hill Country Region Historian Hans Falk
Hill Country Dealership Liaison Jeff Moore
Hill Country Technical Chair James Rossie
Hill Country Newsletter Editor Vipul Darji