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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Inland Northwest President Tom Sparks
Inland Northwest Activities Chair Sue Garrood
Inland Northwest Newsletter Editor, Region Historian Linda Polgar
Inland Northwest Region Driving Tour Chair Ron Hannum
Inland Northwest Database Administrator, Treasurer Bill Roberts
Inland Northwest Membership Chair Rick Jordan
Intermountain Activities Chair, Vice President Diane Johnstone
Intermountain Webmaster Deborah Roque
Intermountain Chief Driving Instructor Tim Martin
Intermountain President Gigi Camarena
Intermountain Treasurer Ed Mineau
Intermountain Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President, Membership Chair Rich Sanders
Intermountain Database Administrator, Rally Chair Raleigh Fehr
Intermountain Secretary, Region Driving Tour Chair Zana Anderson
Intermountain Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Larry Smithing, M.D.
Intermountain Autocross Chair James Corn
Intermountain Social Media Chair Jeremy Rosenberger
Jersey Shore Driver Education Chair, Social Media Chair Gregory Pfremmer
Jersey Shore Treasurer Alan Resnick
Jersey Shore Membership Chair, Safety Chair Brian O'Sullivan
Jersey Shore Activities Chair William Casey
Jersey Shore Chief Driving Instructor, Webmaster Adam McInnis
Jersey Shore Dealership Liaison, President Dawn Schneider
Jersey Shore Newsletter Editor Michael Bavaro
Kansas City Activities Chair Holly Juckette
Kansas City Newsletter Editor, President Stan Thorne
Kansas City Social Media Chair Nick Guerrero
Kansas City Treasurer Richard Seltzer
Kansas City Immediate Past President Tim Bubniak
Kansas City Webmaster Deborah Thorne
Kansas City Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair Robert Wayman
Kansas City Region Driving Tour Chair Fred Quintana
Kansas City Vice President Agelon Jones
Kansas City Concours Chair, Membership Chair Jeff Hallam
Kansas City Autocross Chair, Insurance Chair Rudy Rodriguez
Kansas City Secretary Jeff Wagoner
Kentucky Webmaster Bobby Bailey
Kentucky Membership Chair Anthony Minstein
Kentucky Insurance Chair, Region Historian, Treasurer Richard Darnell
Kentucky Region Driving Tour Chair Edward Hessel
Kentucky Activities Chair, Social Media Chair T.H. Morris
Kentucky Dealership Liaison Mark Bos
Kentucky Secretary Robert Klein
Kentucky Immediate Past President Steve Mccombs
Kentucky Driver Education Chair, Vice President Jeremy Miller
Kentucky Newsletter Editor, President, Safety Chair, Test Drive Chair Jason Miller
Kentucky Chief Driving Instructor Charles Hicks
Keystone Membership Chair, Safety Chair Fred Sears
Keystone Vice President Rick Spangler
Keystone Treasurer Mike Szczesny
Keystone President Dan Crust
Keystone Webmaster Steve Ryder
Keystone Secretary Randy Kilmer
Las Vegas Immediate Past President Michael Dugan
Las Vegas President, Rally Chair Scott Hatcher
Las Vegas Treasurer Reid Smith
Las Vegas Driver Education Chair Brian Schmidt
Las Vegas Insurance Chair John Burrows
Las Vegas Social Media Chair, Vice President Todd Trimble
Las Vegas Membership Chair Nita Burrows
Las Vegas Secretary Joan Kramer
Las Vegas Newsletter Editor Phil Reese
Las Vegas Technical Chair Doug Pierce
Las Vegas Chief Driving Instructor Scott Mann
Lincoln Trail President Marcus Lucas
Lincoln Trail Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President, Insurance Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair, Vice President James Petruska
Lincoln Trail Treasurer Donald Webber
Lincoln Trail Membership Chair Fred Ringness
Lincoln Trail Region Historian Wayne White
Lincoln Trail Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Jim Roal
Living Skies Prairie Driver Education Chair DEAN LIEBRECHT
Living Skies Prairie Treasurer Stephen Leask
Living Skies Prairie President Trent Norman
Living Skies Prairie Vice President Colin Chovin
Llano Estacado Membership Chair Ken Bell