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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Hill Country Chief Driving Instructor Jacy Legault
Hill Country Safety Chair Carl Rossi
Hill Country Database Administrator, Vice President Charlie Sparks
Hill Country Immediate Past President Lenny Zwik
Hill Country Rally Chair George Hansen
Hudson Champlain Autocross Chair Al Harper
Hudson Champlain Social Media Chair, Newsletter Editor Christina Beauchemin
Hudson Champlain Immediate Past President Chris Klapper
Hudson Champlain Treasurer George Cruden
Hudson Champlain Region Historian, Chief Driving Instructor Andy Dorman
Hudson Champlain Activities Chair Louis Dahoda
Hudson Champlain Membership Chair Amanda Brinke
Hudson Champlain Safety Chair Timm Baldauf
Hudson Champlain Vice President Eric Spooner
Hudson Champlain Secretary Karen Blass
Hudson Champlain Webmaster Rick Beauchemin
Hudson Champlain President John Pellerin
Hudson Champlain Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar Chris De Graffenried
Hudson Valley Region Historian, Social Media Chair, Newsletter Editor, President Bruce Coopersmith
Hudson Valley Marketing Chair, Treasurer John Westerman Jr
Hudson Valley Driver Education Chair Kevin Challacombe
Hudson Valley Chief Driving Instructor, Safety Chair, Vice President Rico Diaz
Hudson Valley Activities Chair Lisa Eckler
Hudson Valley Technical Chair, Immediate Past President Thomas Florio
Hudson Valley Membership Chair, Secretary, Webmaster Jeff Kriz
Hurricane Immediate Past President Doug Behning
Hurricane Region Historian Mike Santowasso
Hurricane Treasurer Karen Cloninger
Hurricane Database Administrator Kevin Heimbaugh
Hurricane Marketing Chair Charles West
Hurricane Concours Chair Jerry Magolan
Hurricane Driver Education Chair Brian Dehler
Hurricane Technical Chair Jim Giles
Hurricane Activities Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Victor Friedmann
Hurricane Database Administrator, Vice President, Webmaster Shawn Gillen
Hurricane Newsletter Editor Darrell Bryant
Hurricane Autocross Chair David Herr
Hurricane President Sherri Qualls
Hurricane Safety Chair Art Kotz
Hurricane Membership Chair Fred Grossfeld
Inland Northwest Social Media Chair, Vice President, Webmaster Dennis Garrood
Inland Northwest Activities Chair Sue Garrood
Inland Northwest President Dave Bingham
Inland Northwest Immediate Past President Diane Rochelle
Inland Northwest Treasurer Bill Roberts
Inland Northwest Insurance Chair John Whitcomb
Inland Northwest Membership Chair Rick Jordan
Inland Northwest Secretary Dave Mandyke
Inland Northwest Technical Chair, Dealership Liaison Bill Massy
Inland Northwest Chief Driving Instructor, Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar Tony Nufer
Inland Northwest Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Judith Harris
Intermountain Treasurer Ed Mineau
Intermountain Region Driving Tour Chair, Secretary Zana Anderson
Intermountain Rally Chair, Social Media Chair Raleigh Fehr
Intermountain Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Dennis Conroy
Intermountain Activities Chair, Vice President Rob Hiatt
Intermountain Autocross Chair James Corn
Intermountain President William Kendall
Intermountain Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar Max Dufford
Intermountain Webmaster Deborah Roque
Intermountain Chief Driving Instructor Tim Martin
Intermountain Membership Chair, Dealership Liaison Rich Sanders
Intermountain Immediate Past President Gigi Camarena
Jersey Shore Track Registrar Gregory Pfremmer
Jersey Shore President Dawn Schneider
Jersey Shore Newsletter Editor William Tice
Jersey Shore Vice President Michael Bavaro
Jersey Shore Chief Driving Instructor, Webmaster Adam McInnis
Jersey Shore Secretary Richard Gardella
Jersey Shore Driver Education Chair, Driver's Education Registrar, Technical Chair Paul Solk
Jersey Shore Treasurer Alan Resnick
Jersey Shore Safety Chair, Membership Chair Brian O'Sullivan
Jersey Shore Region Driving Tour Chair William Casey
Kansas City Insurance Chair, Autocross Chair Rudy Rodriguez
Kansas City Activities Chair Holly Juckette