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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Lone Star Database Administrator Ron Martin
Lone Star Membership Chair Hector Martinez
Lone Star Activities Chair Pamela Fitzgerald
Lone Star Rally Chair Alan Kendall
Lone Star Webmaster Greg Fuller
Lone Star Goodie Store Chair Patti Liles
Lone Star Database Administrator Ken Tubman
Lone Star Newsletter Editor Mike Phifer
Lone Star Vice President Michael Stein
Longhorn President Charles Bush
Longhorn Webmaster David Sanders
Longhorn Vice President Mike Matthews
Longhorn Newsletter Editor Holly Sanders
Longhorn Secretary Susan Bush
Longhorn Region Driving Tour Chair Jim Lowe
Longhorn Rally Chair, Region Historian RJ Wilmoth
Longhorn Activities Chair, Insurance Chair, Membership Chair Ron McAtee
Longhorn Autocross Chair, Chief Driving Instructor, Database Administrator, Dealership Liaison, Safety Chair Jack Merrell
Longhorn Treasurer Jim Hamilton
Los Angeles Technical Chair Tony Callas
Los Angeles Chief Driving Instructor Randall Blaesi
Los Angeles Treasurer Laura Houston
Los Angeles Immediate Past President Brianna Becker
Los Angeles Membership Chair Donna J Slatton
Los Angeles Activities Chair Claudio Gouveia
Los Angeles President Mariana Small
Los Angeles Vice President Dave Heenan
Los Angeles Newsletter Editor Harry Kraushaar
Los Angeles Secretary Brandon Stahl
Magnolia Chief Driving Instructor Snooky Hill
Magnolia Technical Chair Michel Mitias
Magnolia Vice President Tony Santangelo
Magnolia Region Historian Hubert Crook
Magnolia Membership Chair Edgar Vargas
Magnolia Secretary Neal Patton
Magnolia Activities Chair Stacy Hipp
Magnolia Treasurer Patrick Courter
Magnolia Safety Chair Doc Jones
Magnolia Region Driving Tour Chair Richard Stowe
Magnolia President Leslie Shivers
Mardi Gras Dealership Liaison Rick Payton
Mardi Gras Driver Education Chair John Crosby
Mardi Gras Membership Chair, Social Media Chair Tina Payton
Mardi Gras Insurance Chair, Safety Chair Ken Laborde
Mardi Gras President Scott Spradley
Mardi Gras Vice President Abby Short
Mardi Gras Secretary Vincent Protti
Mardi Gras Chief Driving Instructor David Shall
Mardi Gras Treasurer Patrick Gros
Maumee Valley Membership Chair Charlotte Chapman
Maumee Valley Region Historian Bill Bauman
Maumee Valley Vice President Tom Woodruff
Maumee Valley President Barney Stewart
Maumee Valley Chief Driving Instructor Craig Zenil
Maumee Valley Webmaster Bob Harris
Maumee Valley Vice President Bob Cryan
Maumee Valley Newsletter Editor Tom Isley
Maumee Valley Driver Education Chair Tony Calabrese
Maumee Valley Secretary Adam Cufr
Maumee Valley Immediate Past President, Safety Chair, Technical Chair Todd Mierzwiak
Maumee Valley Social Media Chair Kim Harris
Maumee Valley Treasurer Sarah Mierzwiak
Maverick Treasurer Richard Solomon
Maverick Region Historian Charlie Davis
Maverick Chief Driving Instructor John Sandusky
Maverick Driver Education Chair Chris Tabor
Maverick Safety Chair Bob Kramer
Maverick Concours Chair Andy Kay
Maverick Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair Jim Hirsch
Maverick Membership Chair John Hamilton
Maverick Activities Chair Tracy Robertson
Maverick Dealership Liaison Daren Kirbo
Maverick Region Driving Tour Chair Tom Martin
Maverick President David Robertson
Maverick Autocross Chair Mark Schnoerr