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Region Officials

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Region Position Name
Lincoln Trail Membership Chair Fred Ringness
Lincoln Trail Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair, Webmaster Jim Roal
Lincoln Trail Dealership Liaison, Immediate Past President, Insurance Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair, Vice President James Petruska
Lincoln Trail President Marcus Lucas
Lincoln Trail Region Historian Wayne White
Living Skies Prairie Driver Education Chair DEAN LIEBRECHT
Living Skies Prairie President Trent Norman
Living Skies Prairie Vice President Colin Chovin
Living Skies Prairie Treasurer Stephen Leask
Llano Estacado Secretary Michele Papp
Llano Estacado Vice President, Webmaster Brian Toycen
Llano Estacado Membership Chair Ken Bell
Llano Estacado Treasurer Barry Bogue
Llano Estacado Concours Chair, Driver Education Chair, President Joseph Papp
Loma Prieta Activities Chair Suzette Pangrle
Loma Prieta Immediate Past President Bob Morgan
Loma Prieta Insurance Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair, Safety Chair Big John Reed
Loma Prieta Vice President Emilie Highley
Loma Prieta Membership Chair Karen Morgan
Loma Prieta Newsletter Editor, Webmaster Kevin Bennett
Loma Prieta Secretary Margie Jensen
Loma Prieta Social Media Chair Diana Hallock
Loma Prieta Database Administrator Janell Lund-Mann
Loma Prieta Treasurer Johnny Musser
Loma Prieta Region Historian Kenneth Iles
Loma Prieta Autocross Chair Anne Roth
Loma Prieta Dealership Liaison, President, Technical Chair Peter Ridgway
Lone Star Chief Driving Instructor Philippe Oberti
Lone Star Rally Chair, Region Driving Tour Chair Edwin Goldman
Lone Star Activities Chair Pamela Fitzgerald
Lone Star Dealership Liaison, President Steven Bukoski
Lone Star Driver Education Chair Tim Thomas
Lone Star Autocross Chair Jim Hedderick
Lone Star Database Administrator Ron Martin
Lone Star Webmaster Greg Fuller
Lone Star Concours Chair Tom Roy
Lone Star Region Historian Lynn Friedman
Lone Star Insurance Chair, Secretary Kathy Kendall
Lone Star Database Administrator, Marketing Chair, Social Media Chair Doug Atkinson
Lone Star Membership Chair, Test Drive Chair Hector Martinez
Lone Star Newsletter Editor Mike Phifer
Lone Star Treasurer Doug Carroll
Lone Star Vice President Michael Stein
Lone Star Database Administrator Ken Tubman
Lone Star Safety Chair Thomas Sanders
Longhorn Rally Chair, Region Historian RJ Wilmoth
Longhorn Treasurer Jim Hamilton
Longhorn Activities Chair, Insurance Chair, Membership Chair Ron McAtee
Longhorn Vice President James Bricken
Longhorn Secretary Susan Bush
Longhorn Immediate Past President Charles Bush
Longhorn Region Driving Tour Chair Jim Lowe
Longhorn President Mike Matthews
Longhorn Newsletter Editor Holly Sanders
Longhorn Autocross Chair, Chief Driving Instructor, Database Administrator, Dealership Liaison, Safety Chair Jack Merrell
Los Angeles Webmaster Eileen Walpole-Scanlon
Los Angeles Technical Chair Tony Callas
Los Angeles Social Media Chair Sas Lari
Los Angeles Chief Driving Instructor Randall Blaesi
Los Angeles Newsletter Editor Harry Kraushaar
Los Angeles Membership Chair, Test Drive Chair Donna J Slatton
Los Angeles Concours Chair, Marketing Chair, President Mariana Small
Los Angeles Activities Chair, Dealership Liaison Claudio Gouveia
Los Angeles Secretary Rettig
Los Angeles Immediate Past President Brianna Becker
Los Angeles Treasurer Laura Houston
Los Angeles Registrar Kevin Rice
Los Angeles Region Driving Tour Chair, Vice President Dave Heenan
Magnolia Newsletter Editor, Vice President DONITA MORGAN
Magnolia Region Historian Hubert Crook
Magnolia Immediate Past President Leslie Shivers
Magnolia Secretary Neal Patton
Magnolia Treasurer Doc Jones
Magnolia Membership Chair, Social Media Chair Alice Van Ryan
Magnolia President Tony Santangelo