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Special Interest Registries

The PCA Registry Program is a new opportunity for members interested in networking with owners of specific Porsche models.

The PCA Registry program was established in 1995 to encourage closer relationships within registries in PCA. The program allows PCA members to network with others in their specific area of interest. Sharing of information fosters restoration and maintenance of members' automobiles. A registry can potentially provide a new resource for historical displays at Parades and other PCA events, along with information for articles in Porsche Panorama.

Applications for new registries are subject to the approval of the PCA Executive Council.

911 Carrera 1988-1989 US Club Sport
Craig Crease, Advocate
Colorado Region
911 SC & Carrera 3.2
Dan Graff, Advocate
Shenandoah Region
911 Speedster
Blake Carlson, Advocate
Intermountain Region
911 Turbo (930)
Bud Szurek, Advocate
Connecticut Valley Region
Rick Becker, Advocate
Pacific Northwest Region
James Damiano, Advocate
Florida Crown Region
924/931 1976-1982
Bob Dodd, Advocate
Cimarron Region
Adam Birnbaum, Advocate
Pacific Northwest Region
Craig Seko, Advocate
Rennsport Region
Jeff Coe, Advocate
Connecticut Valley Region
Arthur Potts, Advocate
Polar Region
John Novotnak, Advocate
Pocono Region
Michael Souza, Advocate
Golden Gate Region
Early 911 Carreras (’73 to ’77)
Greg Pantelis, Advocate
Monterey Bay Region
Early 911 Registry
Kevin Pirkle, Advocate
First Settlers Region
GT3 / GT2 / GT3 Cup
Roy Taylor, Register Coordinator
Hurricane Region
PCA Club Coupes
John D'Angelo, Advocate
Golden Gate Region
RS America
Keith Verlaque, Advocate
San Diego Region
Randy Gananathan, Advocate
Gold Coast Region
Taycan / Panamera
Allison Linnell, Advocate
Riverside Region
Wide Body/Turbo Look (M491)
Hank Weil, Advocate
Shenandoah Region

Starting a New PCA Registry

A new opportunity for members interested in networking with owners of specific Porsche models.

PCA Registry Program Duties of the Advocate

  • The primary goal is to allow members with like Porsche models to network within the PCA organization in their specific interest area.
  • Encourage cross-regional and zone communication.
  • Provide a forum for this communication and serve as the focal point for the registry.
  • Increase membership and membership retention by giving members with special interests a place to foster relationships and share technical information.


  • First and foremost, a Registry should always work WITH a local region and not be in competition with the region.
  • Pursue invitations to be a featured model at PCA regional and zone events (ie. concours, tours, tech sessions, drivers ed)
  • Working with the local region will allow you to be covered by the PCA insurance program as long as the event is hosted, organized and managed by the region.
  • Organize historical displays at Parades and other PCA events.


  • Oversee web page and discussion group.
  • Advocate will have obligation to frequently monitor web page to provide assistance to members and to take corrective action if inappropriate material appears on site.
  • Encourage the exchange of information for restoration and maintenance.
  • Encourage members to write and submit articles to Panorama and to share their special interest knowledge with others in the club.


  • Maintain and provide a registry list of members to the National Office.
  • An advocate can solicit voluntary membership from PCA members via the web site or Panorama. Mailings from club membership lists are not supported.
  • An advocate must strictly adhere to the PCA rules regarding distribution of the registry list and other data deemed confidential by the individual member. Abuse of information obtained from the registry shall result in immediate termination of membership in the registry and possible loss of PCA membership. This is an honor system supporting the PCA policy of not sharing mailing lists, specific information regarding automobiles, etc.

Interested? Contact John D'Angelo, Special Interest Registry Coordinator, to begin the process of starting a special interest group.

Applications for new registries are subject to the approval of the PCA Executive Council.