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The Story Behind Driven’s New GP-1 Oils

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A particular additive package from Lubrizol has been favored by Brad Penn, which became DA’s Penn Grade, and Valvoline for their VR1, for their oils. This package used a sodium-based detergent which was known to be gentler, resulting in a more robust ZDDP film, but the sodium detergent has since been found to cause low speed pre-ignition, or LSPI. Coupled with the fact that this additive wasn’t a money maker for them, Lubrizol sadly discontinued this package. For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you might have seen posts in late December of 2018 and January of 2019 advising of these changes. We have since verified through oil analysis that indeed there were formulation differences forced by Lubrizol’s change to any oils that relied on this now unavailable additive package.

The American Refining Group, who previously manufactured Brad Penn before selling the Penn Grade brand to DA Lubricants several years back, reached out to Driven for help in developing lubricant products for the performance market using ARG’s unique base stock. Due to Driven’s strong focus on continuing research and development, Driven has been developing their own additive formulations, resulting in even better oils than those offered in years past, so they are very familiar with lubricant development and testing.

The result of this partnership is Driven’s new GP-1 oil. This uses ARG’s light, sweet, paraffinic crude oil that offers very unique properties well suited to motorsports and high-performance engines. Pennsylvania grade crude produces 15 percent thicker oil films due to the unique pressure viscosity coefficient of this base stock. When combined with select group III and group IV synthetic base stock, including Driven’s mPAO, the result is an oil that costs less than a full synthetic and provides more than 30 percent better wear protection than comparable non-synthetic and semi-synthetic blends. Compared to ARG’s old non-friction modified Brad Penn oils, GP-1 uses Driven’s proven additive packages including the friction modifier molybdenum that help engines run cooler and make more power while providing less wear. GP-1 is different by design having undergone extensive testing with results verified by an independent third party, so we know it works even better than the old Brad Penn.

GP-1 is manufactured by the American Refining Group in Bradford, PA. For those not familiar with ARG, the facility is one of the longest running oil refineries in the world, located on Kendall Avenue, and where Kendall GT-1 used to be produced up until the late 1990s. The crude oil produced in this region is unparalleled in its quality as a lubricating oil and before the advent of ZDDP, there was no oil anywhere else in the world that provided better protection than oils made in this region.

We are recommending GP-1 for older engines, especially air-cooled models, along with a 3,000 mile oil change interval for those who prefer not to run a full-synthetic oil in their engines or are currently using another competitor’s non-synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil. We still recommend Driven HR-1 for engines that will be in storage for extended periods longer than one year because that oil has a MIL-spec corrosion package. Always remember to change your oil before putting your car into storage for the winter and be sure to use a fuel additive like Driven Storage Defender, especially with ethanol enriched fuels stored longer than one month.

Driven GP-1 is available through the LN Engineering online store. As always, Driven oils include free standard shipping within the continental 48 states. For those interested in learning more about GP-1 and where it fits in the Driven family of lubricants, we recommend downloading the GP-1 product presentation, available from LN’s education and technical library.

Visit to shop for Driven GP-1 oils and to download the free product presentation.