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Leather Hood Straps

Hello All:

I am a somewhat experienced leather craftsman and have been thinking about making replacement parts for the leather straps that I sometimes see on the hoods of old 356 and 550 spyders.  But to be honest, I'm not sure if the kinds of straps I see were standard equipment on these older cars or if they were added as aftermarket accessories.  If these kinds of straps were factory accessories, I'm curious to know where I can find more information.  Given some measurements and access to the mounting hardware, I'm sure I could craft authentic reproductions.

356 Speedster America

Model: Carrera, Year:1996, Mileage:68,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I am a 35 year PCA member and Porsche model collector. Recently I obtained a very highly detailed 1:43 scale model made by Premium ClassiXXs in Germany. The model is labeled as a Porsche 356 Speedster "America" with racing number 5 and Rennstube Steber on the back. I cannot find any information on a Speedster "America". Are there any 356 technical experts in PCA that can tell me if Porsche ever actually made a Speedster "America" or is the model just a ghost model?

touch up paint

Model: 356 SC, Year:1964, Mileage:127,00, Type of use:Street use only
I have a signal red 356 SC. It was repainted in '95 to a very high standard. The color match with the origional not repainted panals is exceptional. I know there isn't touch up paint available through Poesche for my car, but was wondering if there is color available at Autozone, etc, that is a close match to signal red. Reguardless of how careful I am, I get an occasional stone chip.

Small holes in pan 69 912

Model: 912, Year:1969, Mileage:190000, Type of use:Street use only
Are these drain holes or do they need plugs

striker adjust

Model: 356c, Year:1965, Mileage:53000, Type of use:Street use only
I am having trouble with my passenger door. when it closes flush with the body the door is very hard to close.

paint colors

Model: 912, Year:1966, Mileage:121 k, Type of use:Street use only
I am restoring my 1966 912. It is abt. time to paint and is it advisable to change colors? I do not like the sand beige color it is. I want it to fetch the most if I decide to sale it, but I want an eye catching color and large wheels and tires: presently it has fuches of the 14 inch size. Is this advisable? PEC912

body dimensions

Model: 356 B T6, Year:1962, Mileage:??, Type of use:Street use only
where can I find - any book or internet source -the body dimensions of a 1962 356B T6. I am currently replacing the floor pan and would like to check the overall measures of the car.thank youantonio

Front Suspension pan on 1966 porsche 912

Model: 912 c, Year:1966, Mileage:65,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Im looking for a good body work person to weld in the fron suspension pan to 1966 porsche 912.It is the front half of the pan that needs replacing and i have already taken the liberty of purchasing that part from performance products.comI live in the Inland empire region and am in need of a trustworthy welder, someone who knows porsches, and would do a professional job!Thanks

cabrriolet top boot

Model: 356, Year:1964, Mileage:999999, Type of use:Street use only
what type of material should the top boot be on a 1964 356 cabriolet? canvas or vinyl. I have seen both and am trying to determine which to use on my car. Paul

targa top

Model: 912, Year:1967, Mileage:?, Type of use:Street use only
There are two chromed concave cones on the front of the roll bar and they might be to accept the Targa top pins. How do you remove these sothat it can be refinished? JimJ


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