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Best Insurance Company for Porsche Collection

Hi, I have a small collection of pretty rare air cooled Porsches; 73RS, 993RS, 964RS, 959, 2.2 911S, 57 356A Carrera GS/GT, 1965 911.  Also own current Porsches.

Hagerty wont insure my cars in South Florida.  I use another insurer.  Clearly, I pay a ton for insurance which seems high for my collection since they stay safe inside a climate controlled and very safe space and also rarely used cars since I have quite a few in rotation.

Can someone help me inspect a car in Tucson Arizona?

Can someone please help me inspect / appraise a car offered for sale in Tucson Arizona? Cannot travel myself due to COVID... 

Jack location & ID badge replacement

I have two questions:

1) my 1973.5 911 was restored and the aluminum ID Badge was removed lost, can a replacement be acquired?

2) Where is the proper location to store the jack?

roof damage

Roof badly dented by someone jumping on same. Does one reskin? If so, is a new replacement skin available? Or does one replace the clip? Car is in process of restoration and there will be a whole car repaint. Rear and passenger side glass also needs to be replaced. Do I purchase new or try to source same from a donor.

1969 911T doors seem. . .loose when shut


So my hinges aren't rusty or loose,the doors shut fine but look very slightly proud of the body when closed.
The annoying issue is the clunking both doors make when the car negotiates any sort of bump in the road.Is this a weird striker plate adjustment or something?Cant see that anything has shifted or anything Thanks








Seeking reputable body shop for 911 restoration with rust



I’m looking for recommendations and referrals for a reputable body shop in the Northeast, that has experience with 911 restorations. My car is a 71’T with some rust in all the usual locations (suspension pan, pedal box, rear window lower corners, door jambs, and sadly the right rear suspension area). I am looking to have all these issues properly repaired and then a full bare shell repaint in the original color of Conda Green. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I am located in Portland, Maine. Thanks, Oliver



Bush/leaf green special color formula

I have a 1969 911E ready for paint and am trying to get the formula for special color code 62163 known as either Leaf or Bush green.  Has anyone had a car painted in the recent past that I could contact the shop to get a spray out?  Or does anyone have a car this color that would consider getting it scanned by a paint shop so I could get a formula?

Body/paint shop in Toronto?

Can anyone recommend a good body/paint shop in or around Toronto? I need some body work done to correct some damage done by a transport company, as well as a glass out re-spray. Any advice/recommendations very warmly accepted. Thank you

1968 911t with flares on fenders

I recently purchased a 1968 911t and the all the fenders have flares on them. I looked at the fenders closely and show no signs of them being modified.

Is it possible for a 1968 SWB to have the fenders flared like the 1969 and newer style ?  I spoke to Mike at Restroation Design and he believes the 

late production cars in 1968  had the fenders flared . .  I decoded the VIN and it is a 1968 Targa T .

Wouls this be a rarity or did someone do a expert job of adding the flares on. There is no body filler and the back window is out and all the spot welds


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