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Fuel Filler Lid Will Not Release

Model: 911T, Year:1970, Mileage:120K, Type of use:Street use only


Model: 911S, Year:1973, Mileage:110K, Type of use:Street use only

install shocks on front deck lid

Model: 911E, Year:1971, Mileage:85000+, Type of use:Street use only
Is there any video/tutorial to guide replacement of shocks/struts for the front lid on a 1971911E.I searched... to no avail

stainless rollbar

Model: 911L, Year:in68, Mileage:43000, Type of use:Street use only
Can my 68 stainless steel rollbar be refinished? It has some pits and sander marks too deep to polish out.

paint colors

Model: 911S, Year:1976, Mileage:108m, Type of use:Street use only
Paint code is 436-9-3My car has been repainted copper metallicWhat color is the code and is it still available ?


Model: 911, Year:1973, Mileage:92000, Type of use:Street use only
I need body work, (rust repair), can you recommend any shops in the NY,CT,NJ, I live in NYC.

Paint peeling off front deck

Model: 911T, Year:1971, Mileage:136000, Type of use:Street use only
Hi Ed-A 17-year old paint job has begun to blister and peel-even the primer -leaving bare metal exposed. The blistering began 5-6 yrs ago. This is occurring only on the trunk lid. the rest of the paint appears to be sound. What would cause this? I'll probably paint the whole car but would like to avoid this problem in the future. Thanks again

Engine Grilles

Model: 911 E, Year:1970, Mileage:58,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track

door seal

Model: 911T, Year:1973, Mileage:88371, Type of use:Street use only
Is there a how to guide for door weather strip replacement?


Model: 911 Targa, Year:1969, Mileage:17,600, Type of use:Street use only
Where is a good place to get paint from for my car? I am hoping to get a few areas of car replaced at a time and hope to put a coat on each as we go, until I can get a proper paint job. I have the code off the door. Thank you.


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