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Silver Bosch Coil


In your post on August 25, 2010, you said NOT to order the silver coil made in Brazil.  Is this still your opinion, even if it is made by Bosch?



What is the best replacement for a pair of batterys for my 1973 911T?

Meed replacement for the twin batteries for my 1973 911T.

What is best replacememt maufacturer and how do I locate them?

Ignitor Electronic Ignition, 911S, (1967)

I have a 1967 911S and I'm thinking of changing the points to an electronic point system. Pelican parts sell a Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignition. Will this work with my original coil or will I need a pertronix flame thrower coil. I'm not sure if the voltage to the coil drops to 6V once the engine starts. If so I would need to run a wire from the ignition switch to the coil as they tell me the coil needs 12v for a hotter spark ( I think it drops to 6V on some cars to save the points). If anyone has done this please would you outline the steps needed to complete the job properly. 

Which is the fuel pump fuse on a 1970 911 ?

Just replaced the electrical portion of the 48 year-old ignition switch on my car. After installing it, I'm not getting fuel to the engine compartment; which was not a problem with the old switch. I connected everything exactly as on the original switch, and was careful not to disturb any other connections in the process. Is this possibly a faulty new switch?  (other functions including starter motor seem to work OK). Also, which fuse is the fuel pump on? .....looks like #7 on my wiring diagram. Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Wiring harness, revisited


Regarding the under dash wiring harnesses, thank you for the reply.  I should have added to the question: from what point of view?  Lying on the floor looking up at the harnesses, or sitting in the driver's seat looking through the firewall?  As always, thank you for your help.  I apologize for continually bothering you with questions, but I cannot seem to get this right.


6-pin connectors


I'm trying to reconnect all the wiring in a restoration project, and am focusing on the four six-pin connectors in the firewall.  The prior owner disconnected them, and made no notes of what went where.  There is one five-pin, but apparently it can only go in one socket. The four six-pin can be interchanged easily.  Can you possibly describe the connection configuration for the four six-pin connectors?  Thank you, Ed Anderson

1973 Porsche 911s third fuse box (engine bay) information in three languages, German, English and French

I am looking for 1973 Porsche 911S third “Fuse Box information Insert” in German and French.

The third fuse box for the US version was located in the engine bay and contained three fuses in this order:

trickle charging batteries

In years past I have always removed both batteries and placed them on a piece of wood and connected them to a charger. This always works well but leaves me w ondering? If I left the batteries in the car and attached a trickle charger to the battery in the left front would that keep; both batteries charged?? They are wired in series. Any thoughts?? 

73.5 911 won't start after replacing , points rotor, distributor cap, check cd unit.... What next?

73.5 911 won't start after replacing , plplugs, points, rotor, distributor cap, check cd unit..wires appear good, timing appears good.. Smell fuel, it turns over...what next?

71 911T Oil pressure gauge stays pegged at 140?

Just installed new oil lines. now the OP gauge stays pegged at 140. Tapping on it made no change


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