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1973 Porsche 911s third fuse box (engine bay) information in three languages, German, English and French

I am looking for 1973 Porsche 911S third “Fuse Box information Insert” in German and French.

The third fuse box for the US version was located in the engine bay and contained three fuses in this order:

trickle charging batteries

In years past I have always removed both batteries and placed them on a piece of wood and connected them to a charger. This always works well but leaves me w ondering? If I left the batteries in the car and attached a trickle charger to the battery in the left front would that keep; both batteries charged?? They are wired in series. Any thoughts?? 

73.5 911 won't start after replacing , points rotor, distributor cap, check cd unit.... What next?

73.5 911 won't start after replacing , plplugs, points, rotor, distributor cap, check cd unit..wires appear good, timing appears good.. Smell fuel, it turns over...what next?

71 911T Oil pressure gauge stays pegged at 140?

Just installed new oil lines. now the OP gauge stays pegged at 140. Tapping on it made no change

Charging two batteries

My 1971 has two batteries.  Do I need a trickle charger on each?

yellow & brown wires in cabin

There is a white 2 place connector that is under the dash on my 1973.5 911T.  It is on the LH side and is tucked behind the footwell blower hose - solid yellow & brown wires go from it up along the under dash lip somewhere.  It has to be stock I think but looks a bit newer than '73 - resembles an 80s type connector.


What could it be?



Solid Green Wire Behind Gauges

A wire is disconnected and covered with electrical tape by a PO behind the gauges.  It is a solid Green wire with a push-on terminal and is behind the Tach or a little to the left of the are directly behind the tach.

Can you tell me what the wire is for?



When I signal a right turn, all four turn signals come on, but a signal to the left works correctly.

Hi Ed: When I signal a turn to the left, the signals function correctly. However when I signal to the right, all four turn signals flash, but the indicator on the dash does not signal. (Also the four way flasher indicator light doesn't signal.) The lights seem to function normally otherwise. The four way flashers work correctly, and with the ignition switch off, the parking lights will come on with the turn signal switch for either the right or left side. All lights seem to be the normal brightness. The malfunction is the same regardless of whether the headlights are on or not.

resistor ignition rotor used with MSD coil

My 1973.5 911T came to me with an MSD 6A CD ignition, still using the standard Bosch coil, and a Pertronix Igniter I, installed, instead of points in the Bosch distributor. I am going to replace the original coil with an MSD Blaster High Vibration coil, which is supposed to be a more appropriate coil to use with the MSD 6A CD unit I've read that a non-resistor ignition rotor should be used with the MSD Blaster coil. Is this true? I think I currently have a resistor rotor (I'm not positive).  I think I currently have the original type rev limiting rotor, but I'm not sure how to tell.


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