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I have a 1970 911 T and need to purchase batteries....can I use two standard sized 12 volt batteries and not spend the $250.00 each for the small one that would fit inside of the small boxes? Also, can I get away with just 1 12 volt batteteries and not p

I have a 1970 911 T Targa and need batteries....apparently they origionally had 2 12 volt batteries due to weight and balance concerns, etc.  I don't want to pay $250.00 each for two small batteries, and can put one or 2 12 volt batteries in the trunk ....can I get away with just one 12 volt battery?   THANKS IN ADVANCE!  This seems confusing to me....

1969 911T hazard switch

Having trouble finding a replacement hazard switch for my 69.It seems the switch is unique to the this year and thus quite rare.

Was curious if anyone had any work-arounds just to get turn signals working.I'm 99% sure the problem is in the hazard light switch.

Thanks and Happy New Year


Replacement glass for 1973 5" rally/fog lights

My 911T has the USA 5" rally fog light option (through the horn grille).  The glass bezels have taken rocks and as a result, they need to be replaced. However, the front bezel is also part of the internal fog light reflector assembly.  This single unit holds the bulb jacket and bulb. 

I contacted Auto Foreigh Services, and they pointed me towards the 914 fog light.  Any ideas will be appreciated. Thank you 

Which tach adapter?

Msd ignition installed car running great but no tach.Wondering wich Msd tach adapter would be correct for my car.

I sent tach out to be modified by Hollywood speedometer for electronic ignition but still not getting signal.



CDI repair

Is there anyone in the Minnrsota area that repairs a CDI unit for a 1971 911T?

Lack of spark

Parked the car in the garage and 5 minutes later it would not start.  Pulled coil wire from distributor and held it near ground and got no spark when engine was cranked.  Car has a PerTronix ignitor system installed.  Is there a way to tell if problem is the ignitor, SS ignition box or coil?  Coil has approx. 2 ohms resistance on the primary and approx. 750 ohms on secondary winding.

Thanks John Phipps





Windshield wiper won't turn off

Thanking anyone who can help in advance.  I'm putting back together a 1973 911T and am currently into the wiring.  Most things are working but the current hurdle is the windshield wiper switch.  When the key is turned on the wipers go and cannot be turned off.  The slow setting works and the rest all seem the same high setting.  The only way I can get them to stop is to gently pull back on the lever just a bit.  When I pull all the way back they start again.  When I let go they start again.  Has anyone experienced this and/or can someone offer guidance to track the problem down?

Dual battery charging question

I have a early 911T  that I purchased new. The car is configured with dual batteries. Since the car sits idle from time to time, the batteries are removed and kept on a battery tender. I would like to charge both batteries while hooked up in the car.  Since the batteries are connected in parallel, (12 volts)  can I connect the battery tender negative lead to car chassis ground point and the positive tender lead to either battery positive post and charge both batteries at the same time.


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