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1967 911S timing

I was wondering what the timing should be on a 1967 911S. My car is current at 10deg BTDC at 900 rpm and then advances to 30-35 deg BTDC at 2500 rpm and then stays at 35 deg BTDC at 6000 rpm. The shop manual says to just set it at 35 deg BTDC at 6000 rpm and no mention of what it should be at idle. Also is it normal for the distributor to advance timing so early at just 2500rpm?

Proper position of the Marelli distributor


I'm almost finished with the restoration, and am hooking things up.  The previous owner pulled the Marelli distributor without marking the position of the rotor for TDC on the #1 cylinder.  Does the Marelli have a notch or other marking on the distributor to which the rotor should point at TDC for the #1 cylinder?  Seems to me that it doesn't matter where the rotor is pointed as long as the spark plug wires are in their proper order.  Is this wrong?

Thanks again, Ed 

Should motor mounts be replaced on 1973 911T

Just read an article in the Panorama on motor mounts. I visually check out my mounts and they look good. Since the car is 45 years old they must be hard. Should I just replace them?  Jack Wallace


valve gap

Does the valve gap get wider as the engine becomes hotter becuse my engine has more valve train (ticking) noise when hot?

Engine oli smells like gasoline?

I have a 1967 911S with weber carbs. It drives well and there is no smoke comming out of the exhauset after it starts up for about 10 seconds. However the oil has a strong smell of gasoline? it is still viscous and feels like engine oil. Is this normal for an old engine with weber carbs and if not what could be the problem.



Should I upgrade my chain tensioners?

Is it necessary or advised to update the chain tensioners on my 1969 911 T to the later 3.2 Carrera's pressure feed tensioners along with the ikler arms introduced in 1980.  My 911 is used primarily for track days and high speed touring.


I have a 1972 911E Targa. The VIN is 9112102858

I am a bit confused by the fifth digit (1 = Engine type 911T-E (This would have the 911T USA MFI engine).
Do I have an E ot T engine?

The engine shroud is green


Thank you

Distributor vs Electronic Ignition?

Rebuilding a 1969 911T 2.0 liter.  Does anyone have an opinion on running the stock distributur vs. this Clewett electronic ignition?

Thank you for your thoughts.


Chicago Service and Restoration Recommendations for 1973 Porsche 911 T ?

Hello everyone, I am looking for recommendations for service and/or light restoration for my guards red 1973 Porsche 911 T Targa.

Service Needs: Oil change, fuel lines, rough idle, clutch pedal/linkage, shift linkage. Also several oil leaks.

Restoration: redo doors to switch bolt pattern from 993 style mirrors back to smaller originals. Whale tail engine cover alignment.

Would prefer locations on Chicago's Near North side.

Thank you.

Correct finish on engine parts

While resealing my early (car was delivered on 9/7/66) 901/05 engine I would like to return to orginal type finish. My fan, fan/alt. housing, strap, and valve covers are all painted black. Is this correct as per the factory, or did they leave the factory in a natural aluminum finish? Thanks in advance.


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