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Engine serial number help


I am trying to figure out what is up with my engine.   It does not have a serial number or build number on it.

I have a Hardex that states  3280260 but there is not a stamp on the engine.

I am the 3 owner and it only has 51K. Off the road since 1976.


Is it possible that it has a replacement case?  Seems odd with only 51K. on the OD.


No longer a numbers matching car?  What to do?






I was out today driving my 73 and it was running great with all its usual power and it was idling smoothly, but as I was driving along a flat street at 30 in second gear with a constant throttle, it backfired. After driving a couple more miles, it did the same thing. The engine was warmed up. It was running perfectly except for the backfiring. The car is a very original low mileage car with the original MFI.  

Engine Rebuild

1970 911T.  Recent compression test on cylinders indicated 2 cylinders at 50-60% compression (well below what is normal).  It is a good driver today even with these underperforming cylinders, but clearly not perfect with backfiring at times, a little rough at times although carburetors adjusted and well timed.  It is the original numbers matching engine and holding long term.  I am told a rebuild $20-$30,000 and possibly more.  Once engine is opened, could and will be other issues since original engine with no prior rebuild.  How do I find qualified shop and is the estimate

Chain housing pulled stud


The 8mm stud for the chain tensioner pulled out of the left chain housing.  I'm considering alternatiaves: drill and tap the base to use a 10mm to 8mm step stud; drill and tap for a 10mm stud and enlarge the chain tensioner hole to 10mm; buy a used housing; buy a new housing.  Do you have a recommendation?  Thank, Ed

Restore engine

Car has been stored (without stortage prep) for past 25 years in heated garage. Engine turns over with hand crank.  Was rebuilt at 80K miles. Am original owner and want to sell. Do you recommend restoring engine to working condition prior to puttting up for sale.

How to restart a 911 after long storage

I have a '70 911 that has been in storage for over 10 years because of medical issues.  I am now able to work on the car again and would like to start it at some point.  However there must be a process for bringing back a car after long storage.  I know I saw a process outlined somewhere.  Anyway can you point me in the right direction?

VIN Number and parts

Using the 10 didget VIN can I somehow access what parts are on the car?  I want to order parts but want to make sure that the distributor is a Bosch etc

start car after storage

My car is being repaired an repainted. I have not started it for over a year. What should I do before trying to start it after this long period?

Porsche 911 1972 - mechanic class

Hello all,

I bought a beautiful 911T from 1972. I'm looking for a mechanic class/course to learn the basics on the engine, how to change plugs, oil change etc.. has anyone came accross a good mechanic class in NYC or surroundings?




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