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Correct finish on engine parts

While resealing my early (car was delivered on 9/7/66) 901/05 engine I would like to return to orginal type finish. My fan, fan/alt. housing, strap, and valve covers are all painted black. Is this correct as per the factory, or did they leave the factory in a natural aluminum finish? Thanks in advance.

OIl pressure transmitter/switch confusion

In illustration 101-05 of the 1973 Parts Manual, Item #59, PN 901.741.551.01 is listed as a "pressure transmitter," one required, with "SPM" in the Model column, which means Sportomatic.  No year is given, so this should cover 1970-1973.  Item #72, PN 911.613.571.00 is listed as an "oil pressure switch," not for Sportomatic, 1970-1973T.  I think they both go in the same    hole where I currently have a bolt for a fail-safe mounting bracket.  The car started life with a Sporto

Has anyone done this?

Has anyone cut a hole in the chain tensioner cover (chain case lid as Porsche describes it) so that the condition of the chain tensioner can be checked?  The hole could be plugged with a metal or nylon plug, held in place by LockTite, and removed during each oil change for inspection of the tensioner, then replugged.


Dipstick length

Can someone please send me a picture and the dimensions of the dipstick for a 1971 911T with an air conditioner?  PN 911.107.076.00

It differs from the dipstick for the non-A/C car.

Need a reliable and knowledgable mechanic in Long Island NY

Looking for a good and reasonably priced mechanic to service my 911E Targa on Long Island, ideally within a 50-mile radius of Riverhead NY.

Below is what I need to get done:

Acceleration problem when engine is warmed up.

 PCA, My '68 911-L hesitates during acceleration only when the engine is warmed up. I don't think I have gone more than 1k since my last tune up. Can you give me an idea what might be wrong. Also do you know of an old school 911 mechanic in Northern Idaho? I live in zip code 83847. Thanks Mark




Power Loss

Running a 911T modified to RSR specs with racing suspension/brakes. Original 2.4L is showing power loss above 5500 RPM. I do know that one of the injectors in the MFI is not holding pressure at rest and that my alternator is bad and not providing correct amperage. Both are on the to do list in the near future.

Is it possible that either of these issues are causing my power loss at higher revs?

Holding Idle & smoke in oil filler neck

Two problems:

My 1973.5 911T won't maintain idle in neutral (e.g., while waiting at a traffic light). The engine cuts out so I have to keep the hand throttle engaged. Idle has always been a little touchy when the engine is cold but now it has trouble holding it even when at operating temperature.

When I check the oil level, after getting it to proper temperature, I find smoke in the oil filler neck, it is quite visible but not what I would describe as “thick.”  It also enters the air filter box through the breather hose, as does some engine oil.  

Cam oiling aircooled flat 6

I have a 1973 911E, has any one had experience with the cam shaft oil line adapters that restrict the oil flow to the cam shafts?

911T rebuild


I am rebuilding my 2.2L 911T engine, and intended to re-ring the pistons, not trying to upgrade the engine.  Most of the literature I've seen recommends not re-ringing.  New pistons and cylinders are NLA, PN 911.103.914.01.  E pistons and cylinders are available 911.103.916.01.  Can I use the E pistons and cylinders with the Zenith 40TIN carbs, without chaning the cams or making other changes and still expect acceptable (T) performance? 


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