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How to restart a 911 after long storage

I have a '70 911 that has been in storage for over 10 years because of medical issues.  I am now able to work on the car again and would like to start it at some point.  However there must be a process for bringing back a car after long storage.  I know I saw a process outlined somewhere.  Anyway can you point me in the right direction?

VIN Number and parts

Using the 10 didget VIN can I somehow access what parts are on the car?  I want to order parts but want to make sure that the distributor is a Bosch etc

start car after storage

My car is being repaired an repainted. I have not started it for over a year. What should I do before trying to start it after this long period?

Porsche 911 1972 - mechanic class

Hello all,

I bought a beautiful 911T from 1972. I'm looking for a mechanic class/course to learn the basics on the engine, how to change plugs, oil change etc.. has anyone came accross a good mechanic class in NYC or surroundings?



Hesitation at 3000 rpm

I recently bought an original numbers matching 1973 RS which has a slight hesitation when accelerating. It pulls strong up to 3000 rpm then stutters and the exhaust pops a little then after 3300 rpm it pulls strong again all the way up to the red line. Once the oil gets to around 70-80 deg C the hesitation stops and the car run fine with no hesitation at 3000 rpm. Do you know what the problem could be?? Someone said it may be that the MFI needs adjusting?



1967 911S weber carb

Does turning in (clockwise) the ideal mixure screw make the car run richer or leaner. Cylinder number 3 is running too lean as the spark plug is a light orange color almost light rust color while all the others are a light gray with very little dry soot. 


Possible Piston/head interference in 1969 911 T 2.0-2.2L modification

I am planning on modifications to my stock 1969 911 T 2.0L engine, to increase displacement to 2.2L.  I have 2.2L heads from a 1970 2.2L 911 T, will probably use Solex cams, and I am considering  purchasing a piston/cylinder kit on eBay, which has new 84mm biral cylinders and high compression 84mm JE pistons.  The compression height of the pistons is listed as 33.91mm (1.335”), with a compression dome top of 13.59mm (0.535”).  My question is whether the piston height will cause problems with the stock 2.2 L 911 T heads?

Replacement muffler

I wish to replace my current Bursch muffler with a close to original stock muffler.  Is the Dansk comparable to the one sold by Porsche at double the cost?  I would like to keep original sound and appearance.  Is the Dansk suitable for a MFI engine?  Thanks for your assistance.

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1967 911S timing

I was wondering what the timing should be on a 1967 911S. My car is current at 10deg BTDC at 900 rpm and then advances to 30-35 deg BTDC at 2500 rpm and then stays at 35 deg BTDC at 6000 rpm. The shop manual says to just set it at 35 deg BTDC at 6000 rpm and no mention of what it should be at idle. Also is it normal for the distributor to advance timing so early at just 2500rpm?


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