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Fuel System

Where would you recommend getting a MFI rebuilt?

My Original Bosch MFI apparently needs to be rebuilt. The shop that I take it to for the last 5 years informed me. They do not do it in house. And there is no one local they can recommend. Can you suggest somewhere on the West Coast I can send it? With COVID-19, it make it more challenging to ship out of Canada.

PMO carburetor rebuild

I have a 1970 911 T with PMO carbs.  Am rebuilding carbs, mainly due to old gas residue removal.  Have the  rebuilding kits.  What's the best way  to remove and replace the locking wires that exist throughout the carb?   I believe there is a special tool to twist the wires but don't have one.  What kind of wire should I use?

Which gasoline

Ed, I am in the process of getting my 73.5 T back on the road after too many years. The tank/fuel lines are clear, and the fuel distributor was rebuilt. It is running beautifully, but I am paranoid about what to put in the fuel tank. Is it best to go with ethanol-free gas at 87 octane(with maybe an octane booster?) or premium ethanol gasoline and with a stabilizer additive?  The fellow who rebuilt the distributor specified “NO ETHANOL”. Thanks. 

1972 911T with webers

Is there a aftermarket fuel pump that would work? what is the required psi?

Fuel Pump Replacement


The fuel pump on my 1971 911T, PN 911.608.107.00 died.  Porsche has none in stock in the U.S. or Germany.  Bosch tells me that it has not manufactured the pump since 2004, and has no plans to start producing it again.  My options seem to be: (1) Use PN 901.608.105.04 for the '73 MFI, and use the PMO fuel pressure regulator to reduce the pressure; (2) have Fuel Injection Corporation rebuild mine; or, (3) use an aftermarket fuel pump with no return line.  What do you recommend, or is there a better solution?  Thanks, Ed

Weber Carb air correction screw

The air intake velocity on the three barrels of one weber carb is not equal! Does turning in (clockwise) the air correction screw increase or decrease the air flow in that barrel? Should I adjust them all to the one with the highest or lowest air flow?

throttle bodies

My engine is a 73/ 2.4 mfi and the thrittle bodies are worn out. Are there new out there or do I need to have mine rebuilt?

I have seen new ones from but I have not seen any reviews of the product in use.

Zenith 40 TIN throttle plates


Is there a simple method for setting the throttle plates on rebuild of the Zenith 40 TIN so that they all allow the same amount of air to flow, more or less, prior to setting the idle air adjustment screws?



Zenith 40TIN for Sportomatic


What is the difference in the Zenith 40TIN for Sportomatic (PN 911.108.123.01 and 911.108.124.02) and the "not for Sportomatic" (PN 911.108.123.00 and 911.108.124.01)?

Many thanks,



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