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Zenith 40TIN for Sportomatic


What is the difference in the Zenith 40TIN for Sportomatic (PN 911.108.123.01 and 911.108.124.02) and the "not for Sportomatic" (PN 911.108.123.00 and 911.108.124.01)?

Many thanks,


What is the clear plastic tube in the front

Hello Ed,

There are remnants of clear plastic tubing in the front trunk, frunk or whatever the proper name is. I'm unable to determine where it started or stopped. I'm guessing it serves some purpose and should be replaced. Any help here?

Thanks in advance. You've never failed to help me out.



Sam Patterson


Gas tank


Car sat for more than two years.

Tank is now coated with "varnish" from old gasoline which is completely dried up.

Can interior of tank be brought back to serviceable condition? Or must it be replaced?



Do you know anyone in the Lancaster,Pa area the does setup work on 2.4 mfi engines ?

Need a reliable and knowledgable mechanic in Long Island NY

Looking for a good and reasonably priced mechanic to service my 911E Targa on Long Island, ideally within a 50-mile radius of Riverhead NY.

Below is what I need to get done:


All: I am a ember in the NE region (Buffalo) and am looking for a tech expert to tune my MFI on a '72 911E. Thanks in advance, Ed Murphy


Early Weber 46 IDA

Good morning - Wondering about any build documentation that may exist on Kardex for 904-6 or 911R, particularly for the first use of Weber 46IDA's used in factory race program. I have a pair of 46's serial #2 currently being restored by Paul Abbott. It appears that little note was made on specific installations, but I assume that #2 would have been one of the very first pairs installed. Paul felt that the setup of this pair seems different from a mid-engine mount setup, and based on his knowledge is leaning to a 911R install.

1969S Should I rebuild MFI or use EFI

I am thinking about selling my 69s. It was running good with my EFI conversion-15 years ago. I had taken the motor out so my mechanic could update the timing chain tensioner to modern oil pressure. By the time he was done I had a medical emergency and my wife wanted to sell the car. I would not- so it has sat in our garage motor out. Political stalemate, but now they are worth so much I am willing to sell.

ROW Emissions setup

How was the emissions system setup on ROW cars in the early 1970s, where no charcoal can was used?




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