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Fuel System


Do you know anyone in the Lancaster,Pa area the does setup work on 2.4 mfi engines ?

Need a reliable and knowledgable mechanic in Long Island NY

Looking for a good and reasonably priced mechanic to service my 911E Targa on Long Island, ideally within a 50-mile radius of Riverhead NY.

Below is what I need to get done:


All: I am a ember in the NE region (Buffalo) and am looking for a tech expert to tune my MFI on a '72 911E. Thanks in advance, Ed Murphy


Early Weber 46 IDA

Good morning - Wondering about any build documentation that may exist on Kardex for 904-6 or 911R, particularly for the first use of Weber 46IDA's used in factory race program. I have a pair of 46's serial #2 currently being restored by Paul Abbott. It appears that little note was made on specific installations, but I assume that #2 would have been one of the very first pairs installed. Paul felt that the setup of this pair seems different from a mid-engine mount setup, and based on his knowledge is leaning to a 911R install.

1969S Should I rebuild MFI or use EFI

I am thinking about selling my 69s. It was running good with my EFI conversion-15 years ago. I had taken the motor out so my mechanic could update the timing chain tensioner to modern oil pressure. By the time he was done I had a medical emergency and my wife wanted to sell the car. I would not- so it has sat in our garage motor out. Political stalemate, but now they are worth so much I am willing to sell.

ROW Emissions setup

How was the emissions system setup on ROW cars in the early 1970s, where no charcoal can was used?



Parts needed to replace fuel filter

Believe it or not I have dicovered that my 1973.5 CIS 911T still has the original style fuel filter, which hasn't been available for many years, so it must be pretty old. I think it would be wise to replace this fuel filter.  Can you give me a list of all of the parts that will be needed to convert my fuel filter to the style filter that is now available to use in my car?

Warm Up Regulator

The WUR in my 1973.5 CIS 911T is not the original WUR that came with the car.  It is part #0438140009.  Will this WUR  work well and not cause problems in my car, since it is not the WUR of part #0438140001, which would have originally come on my car?  Thank you!

How risky is it to leave my gas tank as is, after finding this debris in it?

My 1973.5 has a fairly rare gas tank.  I am wondering how bad the debris shown in the attached photos looks to you, and if you think it'll be problematic to drive (in remote areas) without doing anything such as getting the tank sealed, etc.  By remote, I mean if you broke down it would be a muli-day hike until you find cell service - think west Texas, not east TX...

I replaced the brass screened drain bung, so that might help some.  There did not seem to be a lot of debris on the old drain bung screen.

fuel hose to gas tank

The rubber hose from or to(?) the fuel tank on my 1973.5 911 looks like it is about to kill me in a fiery death.  But after trying to get new rubber fuel hose on there that might be preferable to further struggle.

I cannot get any room to work up in there.  The steering rack is in the way, the metal brake lines are in the way, and so on.  How do I get access?  What is the trick?


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