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seat recliner repair

My passenger seat has a recliner that won't hold. For no reason at all it will pop and the seat snaps into a reclining position. Is anyone familiar with ths condition? Are parts available to repair this condition or is there a DIY repair? The seats/recliners are early 911, but they look a lot like 356 recliners.

Floor mats - 1971 Porsche 911T (Comfort Package)

I'm trying to get my 1971 Porsche 911T interior back to stock.  I need to replace the floor mats if it even had them from the factory.  My 911T came with the Comfort Package if that helps.  I've seen some 911s with just rubber floor mats.  I could use some direction in terms of what came on my car for floor mats.  Thank you and I appreciate the guidance.  

Seat pads and covers for 67 911?

Any recommendations for pads and seat covers for 67 911? Is it difficult to co-

nvert to foam pads? Any feedback on pads and covers from Sierra Madre?


Dash speaker for all?

Did all 911Ts in 1971 come with a dash speaker regardless of whether they came with a radio or not?  Thank you. 

seat repair/replace or cover

<p>Who can I contact about repairing or replacing the seats? trying to keep it original as possible.</p>

can you recommend a vendor for wood steering wheels?

I want to replace my stock black steering wheel with a wood steering wheel.  Having some trouble finding one.  Can you recommend a vendor?  Thanks

steering wheel recover

I have found a couple of stock steering wheels for my car - one is 400 mm and another is maybe 380.  I want to recover both of them as they are very ratty.  Then I can try them out and see which size I prefer.

Do you know of anyone selling a leather recover kit?  (not Wheelskins, that isn't very stock looking)  If possilbe, I'd like to wrap felt on there like the RS or RSR and make them thicker too, then recover with leather.

Hiring somebody else to do it is cost prohibitive.  Thx



Dashboard Cover

How do I remove the metal air vents from the top of the dash?  Can I do it with the windshield in or ???

Also, my aftermarket dash has a crack.  Can I use the vinyl paste material that you fill in cracks with and then heat to repair it?  Or will I need $1k to $2k for a new dash?


Can the dash be recovered in leather?


Carpet Install Tips?

I am looking for instructions and tips on installing new carpet.  What is the best non-toxic glue to use?

Which piece do I start with?


Other info welcome, Thx.

Newer Map Pockets on older doors

Can I get some map pockets for 1974-on cars and mount them on my 1973. early car?  The stock pockets for the early cars cost a fortune.


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