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Finding a previously owned Porsche

This is not a technical question so I apologize if inappropriate. I have a friend who once owned a 1973 Porsche 911, which he sold upon raising a family. He would like to track it down, and has given me the original certificate of title that he received when he purchased the car from the dealership in Columbus Ohio back in 1974. The question is it possible to track that down, and is there a database one can search to find previously owned Porsches. 

Certificate of Authentication changed, what will I receive?

I understand that the COA has changed and engine number is no longer included. So what will be included on the COA?

Which is the correct tire jack?

My '71 911T Targa came with 2 tire jacks. Can someone please tell me which one is the correct jack that came with the car? I am hopeful that it's the really cool one. After some research it appear that the green dot may be for newer cars? 

Jack location & ID badge replacement

I have two questions:

1) my 1973.5 911 was restored and the aluminum ID Badge was removed lost, can a replacement be acquired?

2) Where is the proper location to store the jack?

Best 1969 911 workshop book


I've only owned 912's up to this point and recently purchased a 69 911e  I'm looking for a workbook to help me understand more about home maintenance with a vintage 911. Can anyone suggest a good book for this? 
thanks and be safe  



Quality Porsche mechanics in Coachella Valley?

Just relocating my fully restored '73 911 E to La Quinta, CA.  Searching for high quality 911 mechanic.  Got any good leads?

1969 targa racer

I am going to restore a 1969 targa.

I read an article about how they have great balance for racing.

How do people feel about a vintage race targa?

I'm looking for feedback...

tail light lens gasket installation

Am having difficulty in getting a good seal between the taillight lens and new gasket.  I removed the old lens, loosened the two machine screws in the taillight housing and gently moved the housing rearwards.  I clened off the old, cracked gasket and the flange around the housing.

Pre-Inspection Help

Hello. I am looking at a 1972 911t with 111k miles. The car is located outside of Kansas City. I would like to have a pre inspection completed before I fly out to see the car. Please hit me back if you are qualified to perform the inspection and can travel to KC to do this or know someone who can.

Thank you!



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