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I own a 1968 SWB chassis I purchased 12 years ago that was expertly converted to 930S all steel slant nose bodywork.It still has the SWB trailing arms, which positions the wheels approximatley 1.5 +/- inches off center in the wheel openings. I've looked at LWB banana arms, but it doesn't appear a straightforward conversion. Any advice on how to accomplish changing the trailing arms to 'center' the wheels?  If this has been done before please direct me to where the description is. Many thanks!

Cheers,  Buck Jones 831-917-5952

Sway bar installation


My 1971 911T does not have an "anti-sway" bar in the rear.  I would like to add a stock one.  I see the hole in the trailing arm for drilling and installation of the "articulated bolt," (pin) and understand it must be welded.  My question is the location and mounting of the bracket PN 901.333.901.01.  Is it welded to the frame?  Is the hole in it for additional welding adhesion; that is, weld the bracket on the outside and inside the hole? 

Thanks for your advice.

Ed Anderson

Desk Pad, final thoughts


My parts manual is the one supplied by Porsche Classic at its website.  The Workshop Manual, page SS 28, XXV, 1973, point 4, states, "Do not forget to re-install the steel washer between the ball joint sealing bellows and the suspension or shock absorber strut," apparently shown in Figure 11.  So, it appears the "desk pad" is a washer,  What is its use?  I have no idea.  If it is really important it should still be available, but it is not.  Thanks very much for your help.  Ed

Desk Pad, Revisited

Ed, thanks for the reply.  The term "desk pad" comes from the parts manual.  It says, "desk pad only together with ball joint 901 341 049 00."  I've seen the term "desk pad" used on a part for the door also; that door part (901.531.391.20) was a spacing device.  I have assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that the "desk pad" at the strut is synonomous with thick washer.  With my ball joint installed, properly pinched, the rubber washer does not bottom against the Koni strut.  There is about a 2 mm gap.  Thus, I'm wondering if there needs to be a washer between the strut and the rubber washer.  The

Desk pad?

Ed, PN 901.341.659.00 is a "desk pad" for a strut using ball joint PN 901.341.049.00.  My guess is that a desk pad is a washer that is no longer is available.  If the ball joint was designed to bottom against the strut, I can understand using a washer to fill the gap between the strut and the ball joint.  But, the new ball joints have a rubber washer that does not bottom against the strut, so what is the purpose of the "desk pad?"  Since it is NLA, do I need to fashion one, or forget it?  As always, thanks for your help.

1972 911 Targe suspension bushing replacement. What material bushing should I use. Car is mainly used on the road with some autoX and DE events

My 1972 911 Targa still has the original suspension bushings. I use the car mainly on the road, but also for some AutoX and the occasional DE event. What type of bushing should I use for replacement. I am leaning towards replacing with rubber (Elephant racing?), but would like to confirm that these work well, and hold up over time. Otherwise what should I use?

alignment specs

I have a 1970 911E, can you give me the correct toe settings for this car?

Strut rubber bumpers

When setting ride height to euro spec., should I use all 4 rounds of rubber bumpers in the top of the strut?

steering shaft & tube

I need to remove the steering shaft nearest to the steering wheel and the steering tube.  I need to replace the bearing in the steering tube and there is no way to do that in situ.  I had to grind away the theft breakoff bolts and most of the shaft of one long one is still in there (not the hear though).

I need to know what all I have to do to take out the tube or the shaft too if I need to do that also.  Do I need to remove the rest of that theft bolt?  If so, can I access it from the trunk or only from below?

trailing arms

73.5 911t (9113112057) ....this car came to me 4yrs ago. Put it on the rotisserie for 3yrs and drove it this summer to shake it down. The right rear trailing arm will not align correctly and thus dog tracks, but is driveable at moderate speeds. The car has alum trailing arms. My alignment guys thinks the arm is bent. Should I take to frame shop to check all systems before replacing and if I replace should I replace with steel arms as my car is very orginal?


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