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Clutch seems to be seized to pressure plate

After an extended period of storage (approx. 5 years), I've gone through the ignition, and fuel systems, and the engine is now running pretty well. However, now I am dealing with how to free the clutch, which seems to be seized to the pressure plate. I've tried several approaches in the garage: rocking the car fore/aft with clutch pedal depressed and in several different gears with no success; then with the rear of the car on jack stands, starting in gear (1st thru 5th),  then pulsing the brakes, then stabbing the brake pedal.....none of this has worked yet.

901/01 transmission gasket leak

Hello Ed,

Your old compatriate rebuilt my transmission, and it is leaking at the gasket between the Intermediate plate and transmission cover.  There is a paper gasket in place, and the nuts are torqued to 16 foot pounds.  Other than replacing the gasket, do you have any suggestions for stopping the leak.  If the only option is replacing the gasket, are there any problems in doing so?

Thank you,  Ed Anderson

Tow a '72 911 (915 transmission) on a dolly

I would like to tow my '72 911 from Vancouver to southern California (1,400 miles). I don't have room to store a trailer, and would like to use a dolly and tow with the rear wheels on the ground. Looking in the archives I see a couple of responses that say OK (68 911 and a 914 - both with 901 transmissions) and one for an '85 Carrara that says no (but I didn't understand the logic of the response). Will I be OK to tow a car with a 915 transmission with the rear wheels on the ground and the car in neutral?

Release fork leaf spring configuration

Should the leaf spring in the 901 transmission hold the release fork against the throwout bearing?  I have today joined my rebuilt engine to the rebuilt transmission, and put the release fork in its proper position relative to the throwout bearing.  There is a gap between the end of the leaf spring and the fork of about 1/8".  The spring is new, as are the ball pin, washer, and throwout bearing; the fork is used.  It seems that the leaf spring should be bent an additional amout to hold the fork against the throwout bearing and eliminate the wobble.  It also seems possible that the fork, bei

901 Transaxle rebuild

I am considering undertaking a transaxle rebuild myself. I have rebuilt Japanese and British transmissions so I have a good understanding of the process. My trans. shifts fine but is noisy, so I believe my quest is mainly for bearing replacement, possibly including differential carrier bearings. Can you tell me what special tools I will need to dismantle and reassemble it, and possibly where to source these tools? Also, is it necessary to disasemble the syncro hubs/sliders to accomplish this task. Thank you.


Sportomatic hard shift.

I have a Sportomatic.  The transmission has been working fine but lately it is occasionally hard to shift meaning you have to really pull or push the stick to get it into gear.  In all forward gears it does not grind, but will in reverse, occasionally.  Sometimes it works perfect.   I obviously have vacuum otherwise it would not shift at all.  Why would it be hard to shift only some times and why no reverse, sometimes?  It makes no sense.  Thanks

New Clutch cable, able to shift w/o engine running, won't shift into gear, especially 1st and 2nd

I've had the car service for rough shifting, some grinding going into reverse.  First gear took some muscle to get into.  Since service less than 50 miles with a new clutch cable, shifter bushings, ball cup.  Shifts well without engine running.  Now with engine running placing the shifter into 1st gear the car moves a little forward like the clutch isn't fully engaged.  Getting into 1st takes real effort.  No reverse no quick grind, then engagement.  It just won't go there.


I am currently conducting a full restoration on my 911E that I inherited. I want to keep all of its orgininal features, incl. sporto. Is there any Porsche Parts Manufacturers that sell Sportomatic Gearboxes? If so, could you please refer me to this/these manufacturer? If no, what are my options? Thanks

Transmission fluid viscosity?

In previous responses you suggest Valvoline High Performance Gear Oil for the transmission but do not mention the viscosity (they offer 75-90, 80-90, 85-140).  What is your preference? If ambient temperature matters I am south of you in the humid heat of Houston.  Would this be suitable for the differential as well?


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