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Cookie Cutter Lug Nuts

Previous owner painted my original cookie cutters black, stripped the paint but can find nothing on the lug nuts (alloy). Were the lug nuts black, anodized or natural aluminum? 


Fuch alloy lug nuts

I'm having my Fuchs wheels restored, and have noticed that the alloy lug nuts need to also be addressed. Would it be best to powder coat,or paint? Also what would be best for the screen, a matte or satin?

fuch style for 70' T

My 1970 T has the original spare wheel and tire, the style is known as "Deep" where the lip of the wheel is 2" from the face of the center. I am searching for four more of the same stly but I see three styles of FUCH out there:

1. "R" style which are deep but 7" wide, my cardex says the wheels were 6" wide when new

2. non deeep wheels, there are many for sale 

3. wheels which state they are with "hearts" and without 

Which are the exact match?

Must they be 1970 to be correct? What if the stamp is too weak to read the date? 

Thank you!

1969 911T Tires

 Getting replacement 185HR14 Vredestein tires for my 1969 911T with Fuchs Wheels. Can I mount these tires without tubes? (Currently have tubes installed with same size Michelin xas.)

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