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911 in need of new paint from experienced Porsche body shop

I have a Porsche 911S that needs a new paint job. Body and frame are in great shape and want an experienced Porsche body shop to do the work

Why did the paint come off the window trim that I painted?

I am rebuilding a 76 911s.  I bought the car about 5 years ago and i know nothing about it history. I am trying to paint the window trim that was black and scatch up very badly. The metal under the paint was very shiny and very hard.  I removed all the paint, sanded the surface,cleaned the surface with Prep Sol, sprayed the surface with Dupli-Color self etching primer and painted it.  You can scratch the paint and off with your finger nail. HELP!  Could the metal be crome plated alumnum?  What ever the metal how do I ger the paint to stick?

How rare is the copper color 442-9-3 on a 1977 930 turbo?

I own a 1977 930 turbo and it was painted at the factory with the copper color 442-9-3

Q: How can I find out how many were painted in this color that year? How rare is my car?


How to Replace oil line mounting stud which is sheared off

I'm installing a front wheel well oil cooler. In the rear wheel well there is a stud that protrudes out that allows you to attach a bracket to hold two oil lines running to the thermostat. I discovered Mine was sheared off when I bought the car. I'm not sure if the old one is welded on or had threads on both ends: one for screwing it in; the other for attaching the bracket with a 10 millimeter nut. Who knows and what is the best way to repair it. After 40 years it has probably fused with the now. Thanks so much. 

does anyone rebuild door strikers

The door strikers on my 1974 911 targa need rebuilding (plastic parts cracking) or need replacing

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