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What Engine?

Sorry to ask a question I should be able to figure out for myself, but could someone help me decode my engine number?  My car is a 1976 911S and, like most 76's, the engine has been replaced.  the number is *6462159.  I know the first and third numbers are correct for a 76 S, but I'm seeing tables that say the "4" is a Carrera engine and others that don't list the "4" at all.   Any help would be appreciated.

Straight 30 weight may be better than multi-weight?

Like many others, I have a set of Up-Fixin' that I like to refer to from time-to-time.  Yesterday, I came across something that completely shook me.   I assume you have access to the following:  Vol V, page 179?  Under the heading "Oil"  it says (in part), "...No engine would last more than 24 hours on multi-grade oils.

Porsche 1977 Targa 911S

I'm considering buying a 1977 Targa 911S and I've heard that there is an inheritant engine flaw possibly with the piston sleeves?  

Engine oil leak

I have an engine with an oil leak at the #8 bearing.   Can this be repaired without cracking the case?

What are optimal upgrades of a rebuilt 1977 2.7 L engine


My car has had the dilavar stud updates, the 11 blade fan, the 930 valve covers and the auxiliary oil cooler trombone type for the front wheel well.  Are there any other upgrades as I have also had the pop off valve and the pressure fed tensioner update as well.


How hard is it to add A/C to 1975 Carrera?

I'm looking to purchase this car, and it does not have A/C. If I wished to ad it, how tricky is that? Is the A/C in the whale tail for this year?  Thanks.

small oil leak

My vehicle is a Carrera 3.0 German model. I recently had several items done including replacing the oil return tubes. They no longer leak. However after driving two or three small drips will occur. Any ideas from where? The oil appears to be on the bottom of lthe engine near the sump but realize can flow during driving from any where. Otherwise it is in excellent shape.

Looking for previous PCA owner of my Carrera

I am searching for previous owners of my 1974 Porsche VIN# 9114400457. Carrera coupe Black/Black. I know at least one owner was PCA member (sticker on vent window). I do not have any names of owners.I purchasd car from recent owner from MA.

All names and numbers will be held in confidence. The car is now located in Laguna Beach, CA Rich Thompson (949)374-3359






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