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Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

New to the Porsche world, but now have a 1976 911S.  I'm 6'4" and with the car having sport seats and a 15" wheel, it's a problem getting in and out (great feel once I'm in).  I bought a nice Sparco leather "D" shape wheel to solve the problem, but can't find a hub adapter that will work and retain horn and turn signal cancelling.  I have the Sparco hub, and it does have the tab for the turn signals and a pin that should work for the horn, but it will not slide down far enough to work.  It stops, of course, when it hits the shaft past all the splines.  It's just not designed to work on this

Factory Sports Seats vs. Standard Seats for 911

Hello all,

I have a '75 911S and the seats need to be reupholstered.  While doing my research, I found that I need to know if I have sports seats for standard seats so that I can order the correct kit.  How can I tell which seat is which?

Thank you all,

Jeff K.

Very rare seats - reproduce or modify?

I have been trying for more than 5 yrs. now to locate bolster fabric that is no longer available. I can remake the seat with bolster made in vinyl as the rest of the seat with the exception of the insert (tweed) which I can find. My other choice is use a sub. fabric for the bolster which will make rhe seat look original. This fabric was not very durable and quickly discontinued.

I am looking for a fabric that was popular in the 912E, 911S and Carrera.

I am looking for PorscheTwill (color 596) as 999.551.035.40/500. I just want the fabric so I can make seat covers. I know a company in California  gets the fabric from Germany but they will not reveal the supplier and will only make the seat covers. 

I have been looking for more than 5 years so I am reaching out to my PCA and its immense resourses for help.

Thank you.

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