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Factory Sports Seats vs. Standard Seats for 911

Hello all,

I have a '75 911S and the seats need to be reupholstered.  While doing my research, I found that I need to know if I have sports seats for standard seats so that I can order the correct kit.  How can I tell which seat is which?

Thank you all,

Jeff K.

Very rare seats - reproduce or modify?

I have been trying for more than 5 yrs. now to locate bolster fabric that is no longer available. I can remake the seat with bolster made in vinyl as the rest of the seat with the exception of the insert (tweed) which I can find. My other choice is use a sub. fabric for the bolster which will make rhe seat look original. This fabric was not very durable and quickly discontinued.

I am looking for a fabric that was popular in the 912E, 911S and Carrera.

I am looking for PorscheTwill (color 596) as 999.551.035.40/500. I just want the fabric so I can make seat covers. I know a company in California  gets the fabric from Germany but they will not reveal the supplier and will only make the seat covers. 

I have been looking for more than 5 years so I am reaching out to my PCA and its immense resourses for help.

Thank you.

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