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How do I determine the value of a 1977 911 3.0 SC Cabriolet? It's a grey market car.

I am looking at a vehicle that was brought here by the original owner as a grey market car.  1977 911 SC 3.0 Cabriolet.  I can't even find any 77 cabriolets in the US.  Any help?  This is my first post to PCA, so I hope I'm in the right spot.

For 1977 911S what is the difference between a Canadian optioned car and a US optioned Car?

My car was delivered in Canada and has a KM speedometer and Canada import sticker on driver door jam. Does not have smog pump or heat extractors. Does have an 11 blade fan. The pump, fan and extractors could have been later modifications. I recently compared my COA to the COA of a ‘77 911S delivered in the US. My COA lists under options: “Equipment for Canada.” The COA for the 911 delivered in the US lists under its options: “US Equipment.” My understanding has always been that all North American delivered cars in ‘77 had the same emission equipment. Is that accurate?

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