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The tachometer needle on my 83 SC floats sometimes, and the druck pressure gauge has a bit of a tremor under idle. Is this a gauge issue or an electrical issue?

The tach needle periodically "floats up" above what should be the true reading at startup and under normal driving conditions.  Appears to read correctly under acceleration and idle most times.  The druck pressure gauge also has a tremor (ticks between 4-5) at idle when the car is at operating temp, but appears to read correctly under load.  Trying to determine whether these are gauge issues or sensor issues (or whether that's one and the same).  Speedo, temp, oil level and fuel appear to be functioning properly.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Car won't start but am able to push start it.

Car won't start.  Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position results in dashlites coming on, I'm able to turn lights on, operate windows up and down but as soon as I turn ignition switch to start position everything goes dead.  returning the ignition switch to off and back to on results in everything remaining dead until I disconnect the battery.  Upon reconnecting the battery I repeat the same resutls, on position results in lites on etc until I take the switch to the start position, everything goes dead and remains dead even when going back to the on position.  Breake

Some one who can actually work on these older cruise control modules

 Have installed original Porsche Cruise control using all original components from yes, a wrecking yard. All components including wiring harnss all passed our visual and electrical testing. We tested harness from main relay/module to clutch switch prior to install. We had to make our own harness from pedal switches to back service and throttle switch, not an issue.

We strive to installed said conponents exactly like Porsche intended and this install was installed as such. Eveything in place like the factory would have installed. Process took almost 10 hrs to do.

upgrade 1980 911SC (Euro Spec) headlights

Suggestions to upgrade my very poor headlights They are original  car is Euro spec car.

83 911SC No spark / images need help identifing.

Hello, I am looking for help in identifing what these items are and if they might have anything to do with my CD box not working?

great spark out of coil no spark out of cap

I have a MSD sytem with Blaster coil new wires plugs cap and rotor. Late last year lost spark. Spark out of coil is strong but no spark out of no one of the cap. What should I look for? 



Glowing Alternator light

1979 911sc after evaluation of non-charging issue, replaced original  external voltage regulator & Marchal alternator  with new Bosch external regulated unit, car holds a charge great ,charging 13 volts at idle. Problem with alternator light, when you start the car it goes on, after a few minutes at idle goes out, but when you rev the car light gets brighter as the revs go up. Any ideas? Thank you TonyG

Electrical Issue 1983SC

I just purchased a 1983SC and have the following problem.  While traveling if I turn on the lights the speedometer drops by approximatley 15 mph.  Any thoughts as to what might be going on?

Car will not crank

82 911SC.  Was having an intermittant starting problem, but now will not start at all. Turn the key, and all guages light up, seat belt buzzer buzzes, and all accessories work. Used to be able to turn the key several times, then it would crank & start. New High Torque starter installed approx 2 yrs ago. Just replaced the electrical portion of the ignition switch, and still nothing. Tried turning the ignition switch with a screwdriver, to rule out the mechanical part of the ignition switch. Still did not crank.

high beam switch

Model: 911 SC, Year:1982, Mileage:37,000, Type of use:Street use only
After I use the turn signal the high beams come on and the problem has gotten progressively worse so that I now have to jiggle the lever and it is difficult to get the high beams off. Is the turn signal and the high beam switch combined?


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