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Turbo conversion

I purchased a1979 SC with its original 3.0L converted to a Turbo, PO added 930 P&C’s, fuel system, IC, ignition system and external oil coolers. Motor is out and completely disassembled. I want to keep the Turbo upgrade and need guidance on the internals. I measured out the crank it's in spec and is the original SC crank, rods are SC, heads are SC and had work done to the intake ports, engine block is 3.0L. Question: what can I do to strengthen the current crank and block to keep my great condition internals or do I have to upgrade to 930 internals?

Idle surge

Ok so I've got an 82 sc that has started having a bad idle surge when it warms up. Here's what I've done so far. Replaced the o2 sensor, checked for vacuum leaks as far as visually and spraying carb cleaner around the injectors. When I let the car warm up I can unplug the lambda box and it idles fine. I'm trying to avoid spending the money on a gas analyzer. Or. Should I just disconnect the o2 sensor all together and re-tune the car without it? 

Engine reassembly help

I have a bit of a problem.  I had a mechanic helping me replace the head studs.  I have the new head studs installed but that is as far as we got.  I can't get him to show up to my house to complete the job as he has opened a new shop.  It has been 2 years now since the engine came out.  Any one out there that can help?




Need service/ oil change shop for 911 sc targa 1980

Searching for a mechanic to perform maintenance oil change for my Porsche  live in queen Creek area south of Phoenix Arizona. Any suggestions appreciated. Bonnie Foster 

Looking for a machine shop in Southern CT or NY. Any recommendations?

Doing a full engine rebuild/refurbinsh and looking for a good shop for machine work.

Thanks for any recommendations in the southern CT or NY area.

engine rebuild

Hi all, what should I plan on spending to have my engine rebuilt. It's starting to blow more smoke than usual. 
It's been awhile since I had a leak down test and figured that would be a good place to start to find the source of the problem. Any other suggestions what to have done while the engine is out would be greatly appreciated.



Looking for a Time Sert 4412E-111 tool

I am shouting out for someone that would have a Time Sert tool willing to lend, rent or sell to repair one cross threaded spark plug hole. I live in Montreal Canada. Thank you

Has anyone had issues with hot starting a 911SC after about a 30 min stop for lunch?

I have a 1979 911SC and the other day I drove the car about 45 mins to go out to lunch. The car was at operating temp when I got to the restaurant. After about 30 mins I left the restaurant and tried to start the car. The starter would crank but it seemed like the motor was not getting fuel. At one point I held the starter for about 9-10 seconds and the car fired right up. I am trying to figure out what may be causing that issue. Has anyone had this problem and if so what was the fix?


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