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engine running lean

Model: 911, Year:1975, Mileage: 0, Type of use:Street use only
I'm thinking about purchasing a 1975 911. There is one reason I'm concerning: 1)The engine is a 3.0 with 0 mile (rebuilt) and 170 k miles frame (1975). However, it running too rich thus it's burning some oil out the exhaust when of the gas pedal. How much work is required to tuned this engine?

Oil leak

Model: 911 Targa, Year:1988, Mileage:42,000, Type of use:Street use only
This car has never leaked oil. I disconnected the battery and put it in the garage for winter. Just last night I noticed a puddle (18 inches across) under the engine. I was told about three months ago by my dealer mechanic that the head gaskets were starting to leak and I should plan on a rebuild ($6,000) when I start noticing smoke. Does the puddle mean now is the time? How can I tell if it's OK to drive the car 8 blocks to the dealer? Or should I have it towed to be safe?

oil level measurement

Model: 911sc, Year:1983, Mileage:100000, Type of use:Street use only
Has anyone ever determined the effect of engine rpm on oil level measurement if the engine is idled at 800, 1000 or 1100 rpm, instead of 900?

Replacement Air Injector Plug?

Model: 911SC, Year:1978, Mileage:155k, Type of use:Street use only

911S 1977

Model: 911S, Year:1977, Mileage:90000, Type of use:Street use only
I need a new clutch kit for a 1977 911S. Any suggestion where to buy it. Lots of places on internet (ebay) but not sure I can trust them?

oil cooler

Model: 911, Year:1977, Mileage:120000, Type of use:Street use only
my oil cooler has a leak. is there anyway to adapt something so it does not have to be replace with original or after market?

rev limiter

Model: SC, Year:1978, Mileage:70K, Type of use:Both Street & Track
This question relates to 78/79 SC only. To answer this question probably requires a detailed understanding of these cars. Where is the rev limiter? What is the part number? Can it be adjusted? Is there a schematic? Is there a difference between US cars and ROW cars?

Engine Temp

Model: 911, Year:1978, Mileage:175000, Type of use:Street use only

oil leak at cyl head after rebuild

Model: 911SC, Year:1978, Mileage:117100, Type of use:Street use only
After a top end rebuild and about 1500 miles, I have oil leaking between the top of the cylinder and the head on 3 cylinders. The oil just wets the surface about 1-2 inches wide. The car starts very well, slight puff of smoke on start. I have noticed oily residue on the rear of the car, freckle sized spots on license plate. Should I be concerned? The top end rebuild included new rings, valve guides, rockers where necessary, reground cam, timing chain, guides - all done by experienced shop.


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