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Air Conditioning Upgrade

I have a 1981 911SC Targe that is in excellent original condition except for a chain tensioner upgrade. The air conditioner works poorly and I am about out of Freon R-12. I would like to switch to R-134 and update the air conditioning (hoses, evaporator & etc). My question is will a compressor upgrade from York to rotary reduce the value of the car since it clearly isn't original.

passenger foot well hose is collapsed

Model: 911, Year:1981, Mileage:191K, Type of use:Both Street & Track
There is a hose in the passenger foot well along side the kick panel which appears to be torn and collapsed. I just bought the car. Which hose is this and what does it do? I have not had a chance to run the air or heat to problem solve this issue and now the car is in storage. Thanks for your help.

a/c replacement

Model: 911sc, Year:1980, Mileage:110k, Type of use:Street use only
the a/c compressor on my 1980 911 SC Targa went out. Shop doesn't like rebuilt compressors and suggesting a new rotory one. Estimated replacement total price is $1500.I am also looking to increase blower output as the old air came out cold but just not enough of it.I would appreciate your thoughts on a good replacement and how to get more cold air in the cabin.Thanks muchSteve Binkley


Model: 911 SC, Year:1978, Mileage:60,000, Type of use:Street use only
1978 911 SC AC was intermittent sometimes would work fine when the fan was turned on and sometimes may come on after driving a few miles. Now it doesn't come on at all.

recharging air conditioner

Model: 911SC, Year:1980, Mileage:68000, Type of use:Street use only
My original R-12 ac has been converted to an R-134 system. I do not use the ac too much and it probably leaks some refrigerant. May I top off the system with some R-134 and stop leak purchased from the auto store? If so, when I attach my refrigerant can/hose to the fitting is there a valve on the compressor that needs to be opened? If so what does it look like and where is it located.

Best A/C up grade

Model: 911SC, Year:1982, Mileage:62000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 1982 3.0 SC. It has A/C but does not work very well. I'm in Texas and it gets hot. I'm looking at diffrent aplications to upgrade/change out. My maintenance guy is pricing me at $3000+. But I see compleat kits, DYI, etc... for much less. Can you advise what one, kit would be the best?


Vehicle Information: Year: 1981; Body Type: Targa;

The passenger side heat never has worked as well as the driver side heat. Also with the addition of outside air to decrease the temperature of the heated air the passenger side gets cold especially the defroster. The driver side however remains warm. Any suggestions on how to remedy this so that the defrost will work on both sides of the windshield and the heat will work throughout the vehicle.

A/C not getting cold anymore

Vehicle Information: Year: 1980; Body Type: Coupe;

fresh air blower

Vehicle Information: Year: 1981; Body Type: Coupe;

Bought a replacement fresh air blower. The Performance Products site describes the blower as fitting in a box that can be opened easily. The blower I removed was in a rectagular cage and is not comparable with the one I purchased. Did I remove the wrong blower?


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