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Clutch not engaging

Ok, I made the bad decision this weekend of letting my brother in-law attempt to drive my 1982 911.  He dumped the clutch and killed the engine, then after starting it again he dumped it a second time but I heard a pop and the car remained running.  From then on the clutch would not engage in any gear including reverse..  While in gear with the car on or off it acts like it is in neutral and will roll when pushed.  The shifter feels like it is going into all the gears just fine but nothing happens.  The transmission is not very old, and don't think the clutch is either.  Is there anything t

Rattle on acceleration

I have a modified SC with PMOs, headers, MSD, 123Ignition programmable distributor. Engine is otherwise stock with good compression and leak down. I get a rattle whenever I get on it even a bit. I can drive the car easily enough as long as I baby it, but as soon as I give it much load it sounds like a bucket of bolts. I have been thinking engine knock, but can't seem to chase it down. I'm running 93 octane and have dumbed down my advance curve until it is below stock SC. 

1980 SC fifth gear woes

I recently acquired a 1980 911 SC and have found the transmission intermittently hangs up in fifth gear. The car appears to shift flawlessly, but once in a while I experience difficulty pulling the transmission out of fifth. It usually comes out eventually, after multiple attempts, but sometimes it requires way more force than should be necessary and I'm afraid to use excessive force. All linkage bushings are new and the car has a Stomski shift coupler. As a consequence, I have been avoiding use of that gear. I would greatly appreciate any input as to what might be the cause.

How should 915 transmission shift?


Yesterday I drove a 1979 SC that I plan to buy. I have always driven manual transmission cars, including a 996 I used to own, but this was my first time driving an air-cooled car. To be honest, I found the 915 transmission a bit of effort to shift.

Swepco 201 for 915 gearbox

Hi guys! Having problems filling gearbox with Swepco 201. It is too thick for the funnel and hose. Not pouring down at all. Thanks much for your input




Model: 911SC, Year:1981, Mileage:NA, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Inside the hole in the floor in the backseat where I believe the shift linkage is located I found a foam like tube wrapped around the parts with electric tape. It was a mess and I removed the tape and foam. I am wondering if a boot or sleeve of any kind is needed to go around these parts where they go through a hole out towards the back of the car to the transmission.

Clutch Pedal

Model: 911SC, Year:1981, Mileage:NA, Type of use:Both Street & Track

Are all transmissions hard to shift?

Model: 911 targa, Year:1982, Mileage:160000, Type of use:Street use only
I recently bought a 1982 targa. its very hard to shift gears. i have to use a lot of force to get the shifter into a gear. mainly 1st 2nd and reverse. Is this normal?

Transmission Shopping

Model: 911SC, Year:1981, Mileage:?, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I recently purchased a 1981 Porsche 911SC and need to replace the transmission. I plan to race the car and use on the streets. Where do I begin looking for my purchase?


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