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Targa Bar Color?

It's strange but my targa bar is wrapped in black vinyl?  Could it have been stainless and someone just wrapped it? What color are '85 targa bars supposed to be?

build sheet for my 1986 911


I have my VIN number and I was able to decode it, however, I would like to know the build sheet for it. It is a 911 cab, turbo-look

Trying to compile some history on the car.

Thank you.

What is the tradeoff between original paint versus a very small amount of rust bubbles?

I'm planning to sell my 1986 911 Carrera. The paint is original and the color, Prussian Blue, is a big drawing card. There are a very small number of rust bubbles (not noticeable without close inspection). Should I mess with fixing this or will that deflate the overall value?

Broken switch on 1988 911 engine cover

My 1988 911 Carrera coupe has this broken switch on the engine cover.  See attached photos.   It seems easy to replace.  Does anyone know what this is called and where I can get one.  I assume that it is for engine light.   Thanks.  Martin  



Steering column spline size

I have a 1988 Carrera that has an aftermarket Grant steering wheel.  I purchased an OEM wheel from a PCA memeber that he said came from his 1988 Targa.  I got my car out of storage this week and went to install the OEM wheel on my car.  The spline on the steering shaft appears wider than that of the OEM steering wheel and I cannot install it.

Remove horn button

On a 1988 911 coupe, to get the steering wheel off, the first step is to remove the horn button by pulling back to disengage he snaps.  How hard must one pull? It seems t be fairly well attached.

How to remove door latch assembly on 1984 911

I'm having issues with the drivers door lock on a 1984 911. The inside  "round" door lock  handle is jammed.  I  beleive the issue is with the "964-531-053-01 Door Latch/Lock Mechanism"  Hopefully just one of the plastic rod clips but could be one of the metal lever connections. Anyway  can someone tell mey how to get it out (around the window railings) etc with minimal  destruction ?




Paint shop in Oklahoma City or Dallas

I’m looking for a high quality paint shop in the Oklahoma City or Dallas area for my 1986 930. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Whaletail Lid Release problem


My rear lid doesn't "pop" openlike it used to when I pull release lever in door jamb. I have to ask for assistance  to lift the lid while I tug on lever. Seems like lever tension opens the release ok.The lid shocks are fairly ok. Holds up hood most of the time.

Is there a spring that has to be replaced to fix this issue? If I need to access engine when Im alone, I'd have a problem.




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