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1985 911 Carrera Targa Purchase Advice


Hi, I’m in the process of potentially buying a 1985 Carrera Targa. It’s a euro spec and I’m told it’s completely stock. Seller is claiming 231 HP. Seller is also saying that it is current for emissions.

1. When I look up the specs for the car in the US the HP is listed at 200hp not 231, is this because the euro spec cars had more HP or am I getting a modified 911 (a bad thing).

2. do you have any advice on the items i need to be concerned about or can you refer me to a website or book.

C4s or C2s

Model: 993 c4s, Year:1997, Mileage:41,000, Type of use:Street use only
I am thinking of buying a 993 C2s or a c4s. What are the pros and cons one vs the other.

RS America

Model: 911 C2 Tip, Year:1995, Mileage:165000, Type of use:Street use only
Looking for Tech details comparing the 964 RS America and the European 964 RS. Planning a new street / track "project" Any referrals appreciated

Good Porsche Mechanic In Raleigh,NC

Model: Carrera, Year:1989, Mileage:210000, Type of use:Street use only
My wife surprised me with a 1989 911 Targa 3.2 that was purchased from out of town. I want to get it to a good mechanic to go over it in the Raleigh NC area. I understand it should have been inspected before purachase but when you get a gift like this all you can do is say Thank You!!!!!

PPI near Kill Devil Hils, NC

Model: 911, Year:1987, Mileage:16.7K, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Looking for a 911 specialist anywhere near Kill Devil Hills, NC, for a PPI...high mileage '87 3.2 Carrera. Any ideas?

911 carrera/ 2004/956

Model: 911 Carrera/ 956, Year:2004, Mileage:64000, Type of use:Street use only
I am looking at this 911 Carrera/ 956. It has 64000 miles on it. Should there have been some service done recently? What questions should I be asking? It is a six speed. I'm going to be buying my first Porsche very soon. Do you recommend any type for someone doing this?My name is Dick Nethercote, and I live in the Orlando area. Thanks for your help.

What do you think this car is worth?

Model: 964, Year:1993, Mileage:75,000, Type of use:Street use only

PPI checklist

Model: Carrera, Year:1987, Mileage:100000, Type of use:Street use only
Do you have a pre-purchase inspection checklist for the car below?

What are these cars major potential problems

Model: 911c2, Year:1992, Mileage:108000, Type of use:Street use only
What are the major potential problems with the 1992 c2 mOdel?


Model: 911, Year:1989, Mileage:88000, Type of use:Street use only
I am looking at a car owned by a friend's father that he is sure is a 1989 silver anniversary. Unfortunately the car is cross country so I cannot see before purchasing. VIN WPOABO914KS121065. From the pics he sent me dosen't seem to be the silver blue color I've seen before, and he says there is no signature embroidered on the headrests. I thought it was only made in '88 model year. What's the story? Can I find out anything else about equipment with the VIN?


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